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#BoulderStrong...A Message of Support


March 23, 2021 - We began today with heavy hearts. Our daily routines may be similar, but our world is not, nor will it ever be the same again. Like many in our community we are devastated and heartbroken as we continue to process the unimaginably tragic events that unfolded yesterday. While we could never adequately express our emotions in words, our love and compassion runs deep within our community.  We have already started and will continue to unite and support one another in ways we can't even imagine at the moment....we are truly #BoulderStrong.

The heroic acts of Eric Talley, the entire Boulder Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, in addition to brave civilians will be forever remembered. We will find ways to honor and never forget the lives that were taken.  We stand in support with other local community organizations, the City of Boulder and those across our state and throughout our nation that want to stop this senseless violence. We extend our love and sympathies to everyone who lost loved ones and everyone who has experienced trauma as a result of this event. 

We also know that our love and sympathies are not enough. In the days ahead, there will be many conversations about what actions can and should be taken now; conversations about how we can and will support the people affected; how we can work to stop this from happening again - in our city or anywhere else; how we can begin to heal as a community.

The Downtown Boulder Partnership will be part of those conversations. On behalf of the people that make up this incredible downtown district, we will work to provide a space where we can come together, figuratively and literally to be a stronger community for all.

Please continue to take care of yourselves and your loved ones.