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Why Downtown Boulder?

A Solid Market for Your Business Location

Downtown Boulder offers an outstanding combination of strong demographics and excellent market factors all located in one of the most desirable entertainment/shopping districts in the United States. From outstanding demographics to high frequency of usage, Downtown Boulder is one of the best locations in Colorado to place your business for maximum sales opportunity.  If you are interested in user survey data, pedestrian counts, etc,  please send an inquiry request  to or call our office at 303-449-3774.

  • 2.5 million square feet (30% Retail, 52% Office, 18% Other)
  • 51% of customers are City of Boulder residents
  • 49% Male/51% Female
  • 8-10 Visits to Downtown Boulder every 90 days by 53% of area residents
  • Downtown Boulder competes favorably with the regional competition. Our strongest market segment: 18-44 year olds with household incomes over $55,000.
  • Over 28,000 students and faculty at the University of Colorado located a mile from downtown.
  • Ample city owned parking structures located throughout the downtown area with free parking offered on weekends. Additional garages are planned.
  • According to an annual user survey, the vast majority of customers of downtown Boulder rate the district as highly favorable, noting the area's sense of place and overall atmosphere as the most positive attributes.

You'll be doing business in good company.

Downtown Boulder offers the Front Range region's finest combination of retail and restaurant offerings. Customers from throughout the Denver market drive to Boulder to experience our one-of-a-kind retail mix and powerful collection of restaurants. The centerpiece of downtown Boulder is the four block award winning Pearl Street Mall, serving as an anchor for the east and west ends of Pearl Street - each district with it's unique business mix and personality.

85% of our over 300 retail and service businesses are locally owned and operated. Our mix of formula stores reflects some of the best brands in the marketplace. This strong retail economy generates a favorable competitive sales per square foot figure. Based on local sales tax reports, we estimate that downtown retail businesses average approximately $350 per square foot.

A diversified and educated employment base awaits you.

Downtown Boulder is one of the nation's hubs of the new economy and entrepreneurial companies. With over 10,000 employees downtown, the district enjoys the advantages of a built-in market. Employees are in downtown Boulder regardless of the time of year or the weather conditions, making them an active consumer group during traditionally slow times or during inclement weather.

Downtown Boulder is also adjacent to five historic neighborhoods and is home to a growing residential population in the district itself. Many workers enjoy the convenience of living and working in the downtown area.

People have a lot of good things to say about Downtown Boulder.

"Being in close proximity to mountain trails, shopping and excellent dining makes doing business in Downtown Boulder a key factor in employee satisfaction and retention."
- John Koval, Coburn Development Inc.

"We opened on Pearl Street 30 years ago on a shoestring, now we are recognized as one of the most successful shoe stores in the country. I could not imagine a better place to spend the last 30 years."
- Richard Polk, Pedestrian Shops

Your business will be supported by the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District.

Founded in 2000 by the City of Boulder and active property owners, the Downtown BID coordinates marketing and operations programming to strengthen the entire 45 square block downtown Boulder district.

BID programs include:

  • Marketing programs to drive awareness and usage of downtown Boulder including our website at
  • Market research
  • Maintenance and service operations
  • Provides downtown business community voice in city government
  • Special events and promotions to create traffic in downtown
  •  An extensive communications network, with both infrastructure and connected users

Downtown Boulder provides a high quality of life and work environment for you and your employees.

From bike trails to seasonal landscaping programs, Downtown Boulder continues to develop as a place that focuses on quality of life attributes as well as a strong base of economic vitality.

  • A central location and an exceptional bus system have resulted in downtown Boulder having one of the nation's highest percentage shares of alternative mode transportation (walk, bus, bike) into Downtown.
  • Downtown employees are eligible for an EcoPass, which provides unlimited free service on Regional Transportation District routes.
  • A 2-mile bike/hike trail through downtown that is part of a larger community trail system
  • City and BID commitment to cleanliness, landscaping, design and safety
  • Located in the majestic Colorado Front Range at the foot of the famous Boulder Flatirons
  • A vast array of cultural and educational opportunities throughout downtown.

It all adds up to an outstanding opportunity for you to experience our incredible business climate in Downtown Boulder. For more information, contact the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District at 303-449-3774 or