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Downtown Boulder Honors . . .

There are many heroes in our community who often don't get the thanks and acknowledgement they deserve.  Downtown Boulder businesses want to spend some time this fall saying "thanks" to the many individuals whose heroic day-to-day activities keeps us all going even through tough times like these.  From teachers and parents, healthcare workers and first responders to all of the essential workers in our community - we see you.  We applaud your efforts and  hard work each and every day. 

To celebrate Y-O-U, we've designated your very own week to give all of us a chance to show our gratitude:

  • Healthcare Workers and First Responders: Friday, September 25th - Friday, October 2nd

  • Teachers and Parents: Friday, October 9th - Friday, October 16th

  • Essential Workers*: Friday, October 23rd - Friday, October 30th

*Essential Workers: all of those who work at grocery stores, in public transportation, farmers, government employees, firefighters, law enforcement, critical manufacturing and those who work for businesses or organizations that provide food, shelter, social services, elder care, etc.

If your career falls in one of these categories...thank you!  We hope you'll check out the special offers (listed below) from our downtown community! 

If you want to help us say thanks to these groups of amazing individuals, check out the ideas for gifts, gift cards and other ways to share your gratitude.


    Special Offers from Downtown Businesses

    To help celebrate Y-O-U, downtown Boulder businesses are rolling out the red carpet with some great discounts and special offers.

    See the Offers

    Letters of Thanks

    Share your letters of gratitude on social - and we'll randomly select two each week to win a $50 Downtown Boulder Gift Card!

    Share with us via email or on social media (make sure you tag @DowntownBoulder and use #LoveTheLocal and #DBHonors.  No purchase necessary. Letters of thanks must be received by the Saturday following each week (Saturdays, 10/3, 10/17 and 10/31). Winners will be notified by the following Wednesday (10/7, 10/21 and 11/4).  

    Send Us Your Letter

    Gift Ideas

    Downtown Boulder is home to dozens of small, local businesses full of great gifts for those you'd like to thank!

    See the Gift Guide

    Share & Show Your Gratitude

    There are many ways, for little to no money, that you can show your gratitude.  We'd love to know which ones you choose - share with us on social media (make sure you tag @DowntownBoulder and use #LoveTheLocal and #DBHonors).

    • A handwritten thank you note is always a wonderful way to express gratitude in your own words - and these rare gestures are always appreciated in our increasingly technological world!
    • Are you crafty?  Make them something - or build a small goodies basket yourself.
    • Head to the kitchen - homemade snacks, whether cookies or a comforting meal, is an excellent way to express thanks.
    • Offer your help to them in ways that they might need it. Often people will not ask for help, and showing your willingness to do something is a great way to show that you appreciate them
    • Make a donation on their behalf to a cause that is important to them - even a small one will be warmly received!
    • Buy them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, store - or shopping destination.

    Want even more ideas to share and show your gratitude?  



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