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July 17 - September 7, 2020
Windows along Pearl Street's East End

Head down to the East End for a spatially distant artwalk! Featuring pieces of local art from downtown's R Gallery. Stop by the East End's own Art + Soul Gallery and a host of other businesses showcasing their own offerings, as well as public art and murals - all on display through Labor Day weekend.

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First National Bank
Office Partners on Pearl

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Office Partners on Pearl

Participating Businesses & Art (starting at 15th & Pearl)

See map below

John Allen Woodward (1505 Pearl St)

Retail location and workshop featuring handmade belts, wallets, bags, shoes, boots, watch straps and more, crafted from exotic hides by master shoemaker John Allen Woodward here in Boulder, Colorado.


Art + Soul Gallery (1505 Pearl St)

Art + Soul presents new work by Colorado Springs artist, Deb Komitor. Deb's abstracted forest landscapes express the joy, wonder and hope she feels in nature through a distinct style all her own. One feels the energy in each brushstroke as her paintings convey the forces and serenity in nature.


Barbara & Company (1505 Pearl St)

In the window of this locally owned women's boutique sits artist Alex Lisman’s Greek inspired bronze and ceramic statues as well as Jane Glotzer’s mesmerizing mosaic table made from reclaimed materials. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Ozo Coffee (1521 Pearl St)

Showcasing local artist Jenee Lucas with a series entitled Jenee's Famous Tiny Bears. Small ink and watercolor creations in a floating frame.


Crossroads Trading (1545 Pearl St)

Amongst the mannequins in the windows of this buy-sell-trade fashion retailer, artists Karen Armon and Alicia Thompson display beautiful and peaceful nature inspired paintings. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Sculpture (Public Art @ 16th & Pearl St)

Strength from Within by Melanie Yazzie.


Boulder Alley Gallery (Public Art in Alley)

Just around the corner in the alley (Lawry Ln) you'll find four doors of Downtown Boulder's own Alley Gallery.  Artwork along Lawry Ln. between 15th & 16th streets includes: Why Buy the Cow by Cindy SepuchaBlue Footed Boobies and Sunset from My Front Porch by Heidi Orcutt, and In the Wild Blue Wonder by Jeanne Kipke. All four alley doors were sponsored by The City of Boulder.


Patio of 1600 Pearl St (1600 Pearl St)

Two sculptures sit outside in a tension building juxtaposition between Justin Deister’s whimsical take on a childhood classic and Joel Hagge’s work of hard metal and rust. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Blo Blow Dry Bar (1600 Pearl St)

Above the door of this blow dry bar you will find Rob Lantz’s vivid panoramic of the red rocks rising over Boulder. Artwork provider courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Charlotte's Web (1600 Pearl St)

A multi-artist display with something for everyone. Paul Malinowski’s black and white photography shows a beautiful contrast of naturescape to cityscape. Hunter Hogan’s large-scale abstract piece commands the center stage while Andy Lacy shows a very unique image of Boulder. Get lost in the hyper-real immense colors in Rob Lantz’s photography or the cool and soothing work of T.M. Spring. Carolyn Mahakian shows contrasting pieces representing magma and meadow.The artscopes by Maria Pacca’s are a unique cross between painting and sculpture. Haley Knowels work is thought provoking and captivating. Don’t miss the beautiful kinetic lamp created by Laine Greaves-Smith  made from upcycled car parts. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.

Also featuring HOPE, public art created by Koko Bayer.


Bliss (1643 Pearl St)

Featuring the work of Andrew Barker, a Colorado artist who creates nature-themed, intricate, mixed-media, paintings and drawings on wood and paper. His primary medium is watercolor, and frequently incorporates ink, ballpoint, and colored pencil. He’s drawn to the “honest” aspects of water, wood, and natural fibers – the artist must work with the natural tendencies of the media, incorporating textures, inconsistencies, bleeding, and other unexpected effects that add to the character of a painting. Andrew's subject matter is heavily driven by our current era of climate change, population growth and mass extinction. In effect, he wants to celebrate a natural world that is on the precipice of destruction. Stylistically, Andrew is influenced by commercial illustration, tattoo design, and the golden age of naturalist painting. He studied at Oregon State University, receiving a BFA in Applied Visual Arts in 1999, and has been a practicing artist and designer since. 


Ramble on Pearl (1638 Pearl St)

Showcasing the work of local artist Cindy Sepucha. Please contact the artist or the store to purchase.


Rollins Barber Shop (1642 Pearl St)

A traditional barber shop - take a look through the window for their amazing mural on the east wall (plus the performance art of a traditional barber shop!).


Chelsea (1646 Pearl St)

Two local artists’ works are displayed in the windows of this contemporary clothing boutique. View a striking mixed media work of wood, metal, acrylic, and resin by artist team Meghann and Kevin Haase. Artist Gail Pederson’s mixed media works are a unique take on one of Colorado’s favorite trees, the Aspen. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Two Sole Sisters (1703 Pearl St)

Showcasing the work of local artist Heather Vermeer.  From the artist: "The current summer installation at Two Sole Sisters is based around vibrancy. Living in Colorado, and experiencing winters as we do, we so appreciate the vibrant colors of summer. Though this window design was created before Covid 19 came along, installing it recently had even more of an impact. The prior window was wintery, a white palette, stark and simple. This window was in place for longer than expected because of retailers being shut down for six weeks. On reopening, installing a brightly colored, flowery, vibrant window was just what people needed on a soul level. I think collectively we are in need of some cheer and color in life."


Berg Hill Greenleaf & Ruscitti LLP (1712 Pearl St)

Featuring the artist team, Paul and Elena Jones’ magnificent copper and steel sculpture that will surely have you mesmerized. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Bohemi (1717 Pearl St)

Bohemi features artist Ali Suter of Weaving Soul. The Weaving Soul has created a new art form that evokes emotions you never knew existed. The artist, Alli Suter creates from her yours...through the art of feather sculptures. Using only ethical feathers, Alli has created the most unique pieces that tell a soulful story of beauty, pain and emotional faith that is truly palpable.


1727 Pearl St.

Go Buffs. Lindsey Malone’s powerful and bold representation of the CU mascot, Ralphie, stands proud amongst Steve O’Bryan’s serene cloudscapes. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Sunflower Bank (1738 Pearl St)

Your local bank, now with local art. Three local artists display three totally different styles. Judith Dack’s integration of found metal objects and lively acrylic painting can’t be missed. Lars Gesing’s passion for telling the stories of nature comes through gracefully in his photography. The bold and powerful abstract artworks of long time Boulder artist Connie Slack is sure to captivate. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Cured (1825 Pearl St)

Showcasing a bright and fun abstract piece of art by artist Alissa Davies, courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.


Mural (Public Art @ 19th & Pearl St)

Dalek (aka James Marshall) graphic mural.  See the making of video (courtesy of Buck Ross)


Buck Ross (1912 Pearl St)

Carol Walker’s gracefully elegant house portraits are classic in beautiful black and white. Artwork provided courtesy of R Gallery, 2027 Broadway @ Pearl St.  


Color Me Mine (1938 Pearl St)

Showcasing the work of local artist Mehry Khosravi. Please contact the artist or the store to purchase.


Todd Reed (2015 Pearl St)

Todd Reed is an American luxury brand renowned for creating bespoke jewelry and high art. Every piece Todd designs is hand-forged in our Boulder, CO Studio using only the finest materials and ethically sourced, conflict-free stones. The master jewelers meticulously make every piece by hand, employing classic and modern metal-smithing techniques. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and built with the most exquisite craftsmanship to create exclusive and highly collectible objects.