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Snow Much Fun Virtual (AR) Experiences

November 19, 2023 - January 31, 2024

Self-Guided AR Tour

Explore downtown Boulder through a new lens as you adventure through a self-guided AR tour of the district. Scan QR codes on each block of the Pearl Street Mall as well as the East End and West End and throughout the Civic Area to access fun filters via Instagram. Follow along on this winter wonderland trail and meet snowmen, penguins and more as you go!

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Start on the West End to find the Jack Frost's friend, Frosty kARen. Bundled for cold weather, this frosty snow girl is a great wintertime companion. Snap a picture and share with friends!

On the 1100 block of Pearl you'll find Arctic Orca diving through the air. See if you can catch him before he dives off!

Stop and play with this virtual family of penguins marching down the street on the 1200 block of Pearl.

Next, head to the 1300 block of Pearl to meet the Breaking Bread gingerbread dance team. With moves that can't be missed, record a video and join in the fun!

Encounter a family of friendly Polar Bears hanging out on an iceberg on the 1400 block of Pearl. Scale their size with your fingertips and hop in for some family photos!

Continue on to the East End to meet Bumble behind a pine tree - we promise he is friendly! A little bit shy, Bumble likes to stay close to his tree for protection. But if you ask nicely for a photo, he might let you take one!

Continue the AR tour in the Civic Area/Library! Begin your journey towards the Arapahoe entrance of the Boulder Public Library. Swirl and twirl around the virtual ice rink with the talented ice skater, Twinkle Toes!

TIMBERRR! Head along the path to the north entrance of the Boulder Public Library (towards Canyon) to find a frosty, enchanted forest. Make sure to capture your walks along the perfect, snow-capped holiday pines.

Follow the path east, to the Civic Area and watch the glistening, sparkling snowflakes twinkle around the Flatirons. Pinch the snowflake animation to make them as large or small as you desire!

As you loop back to the Boulder Public Library, stop by the Arapahoe side of the Boulder Creek to visit your favorite nosey neighbor! Drag the AR image towards the creek to get the full Arctic aquatic experience!

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