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Open for Rediscovery
Open for Rediscovery

With outstanding shopping, lodging, restaurants, services and entertainment & events, not to mention the best people watching in the state, Downtown Boulder offers authentic experiences for everyone.

For The Love of Boulder

For the love of...a shopping date with your BFF; a family dinner; a gift to brighten someone’s day; and something sparkly (or chocolatey) to make you feel great. It's for the love of all these things that we ask you to please support downtown Boulder businesses that help make these loves possible.  Let’s show our small business community how much they mean to us today to ensure they are here tomorrow!

(Please remember face coverings when visiting downtown Boulder and traveling through Boulder County. Use indoors at all times and outdoors when spatial distancing is not possible. Please show your support for downtown employees and fellow visitors by following face covering rules and social distancing guidelines. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!)

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