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2023 Mayoral and City Council Election

The Downtown Boulder Partnership (DBP), a 501(c)6, serves as the advocacy branch of Downtown Boulder, representing over 400 members. In this year's election, Boulder will welcome five new city council members, and mark an historic moment as citizens gain the opportunity for the first time to vote for the mayor.

In October 2023, all mayoral and council candidates were invited to participate in a forum. The objective to provide DBP members with insights into each candidate and their stances on various issues. As part of this event, all candidates were asked to furnish written responses to four key questions (found below). To read the responses for each candidates, please tap on their names below to open a Google Doc.


1) For the past three years, the downtown district has seen an unprecedented increase in unsheltered individuals. In addition there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people experiencing mental health crises and drug addiction. What tools / resources and partnerships are needed to combat this growing crisis?

2) While the Boulder County Commissioners have plans to introduce a wage increase for unincorporated Boulder County in 2024, Boulder, alongside its partner cities, aims for an increase starting in 2025. Do you believe Boulder should have aligned with the county's 2024 timeline? Furthermore, how do you anticipate this wage increase impacting downtown's workforce, businesses, and overall economy, and what strategies would you suggest to offset potential negative impacts?

3) Given the significant developments taking place on University  Hill, connectivity between The Hill and downtown is crucial for fluid urban movement and enhancing community experiences. What are the primary challenges you foresee in connecting The Hill to downtown, and how would you leverage or create opportunities to maximize this connection?

Mayoral Candidates:

Aaron Brockett

Nicole Speer

Paul Tweedlie

Bob Yates

City Council Candidates:

Taishya Adams

Silas Atkins

Terri Brncic

Jacques Decalo

Waylon Lewis

Tina Marquis

Aaron Neyer

Jennifer Robins

Ryan Schuchard

Tara Winer

*Silas was unable to join the forum due to work commitments at BVSD.  He was invited to participate in the written exercise.

During the forum, candidates were asked two sets of 'rapid fire' questions.  The first round, tested trivia knowledge about the downtown district.  The second round, included a series of yes/no questions on important issues impacting downtown.

Please note that DBP does not endorse specific candidates but does on occasion endorse ballot measures.   This year, the DBP Board of Directors has publicly supported the following two:

The Downtown Boulder Partnership Board of Directors supports the Safe Zones 4 Kids 2023 ballot initiative. Amending the prohibited items ordinance BRC 8-3-21 to enact a prioritized enforcement zone of 500 feet from school property lines and 50 feet from multi-use paths and sidewalks unequivocally reinforces the city’s commitment to our community in putting the safety and well-being of students, residents and visitors as a top priority throughout the city.

The Downtown Boulder Partnership Board of Directors endorses Ballot Measure 2A, which proposes the extension of the City Sales and Use Tax (Ordinance 8591). This extension maintains the current 0.15% city sales and use tax, allocating half of the generated revenue to the City's General Fund while directing the remaining 50% towards fostering arts, culture and heritage. Additionally, we are proud to stand alongside a diverse coalition of organizations that champion this cause.