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Frequently Asked Questions

For the Pearl Street Mall Rules, please click here.


Where do I purchase Downtown Boulder Gift Cards?

On our website by clicking on Buy Gift Cards (all major credit cards accepted) OR by visiting our offices at 1942 Broadway, Suite 301 (above Weekends and Free People) Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or our  Downtown Visitor's Information Center (Seasonal hours vary). A listing of businesses that accept the gift certificates can be found on our website as well as a printed list given out with every gift card purchased.

Where can Downtown Boulder Businesses purchase parking tokens/stickers?

Parking tokens/stickers are available to downtown business owners and can be purchased from the Downtown Boulder office at a 25% discount Monday - Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm at 1942 Broadway, Suite 301 (above Weekends and Free People) or at 15th and Pearl, upstairs in parking services.


When is Bands on the Bricks? Where do I find a schedule?

Bands on the Bricks is every Wednesday starting in June and running for ten weeks into August from 7-9 p.m. on the 1300 block of Pearl.  (The Beer / Wine / Margarita Garden opens at 5:30 p.m. See our Bands on the Bricks page for details.

When is The Pearl Street Arts Fest? Where do I obtain an application to display my work?

The Pearl Street Arts Fest (formally Open Arts Fest or ArtFair), is the 3rd weekend of July.  Applications are online after mid-October through Zapplication.  More information HERE.

How do I become a exhibitor on the Pearl Street Mall during an event?

Exhibitors on the Pearl Street Mall must be a part of a permitted special event.  For events produced by the Downtown Boulder Partnership where exhibitors are accepted, please email and a member of our events team will reach out to you.


How do I find a particular business or restaurant in downtown Boulder?

The names, addresses, phone numbers and websites of businesses and restaurants in downtown Boulder can be found on our website under Shopping, Services, or Restaurants. Or you can search here.

Who do I call to remove graffiti from my business?

To have graffiti removed, please call Chris Zachariasse at Downtown Boulder at 303-449-3774.

The Mall

Where are the restrooms?

North of the Visitor Information Center at 13th & Pearl St. Additional restrooms can be found at 9th & Canyon. 

What time does the mall close?

All of the stores are individually owned and operated and most hours vary by season. Check with each store for their hours.

Where is the Lost and Found for the Mall?

The Lost and Found is at non-emergency police (303-441-3333). There is also a secondary lost and found in the Visitor Information Center located at 1303 Pearl Street (303-417-1365).

How do I become a vendor on the mall?

All events and personal services on Pearl Street require permits. If you are planning any type of event, contact Lane Landrith at 303-413-7316 to ensure availability. All permits seen below need to be completed and submitted to the City of Boulder Community Vitality, 1500 Pearl Street, Suite 302, Boulder, CO.

  • There is NO permit for selling merchandise, arts & crafts, or other goods on the Pearl Street Mall or any other city property. Selling or soliciting donations for any merchandise on the Mall or any city property is prohibited.
  • Performing acoustic music, whether instrumental or vocal, is allowed and no permit is needed. Amplification is NOT allowed on the Pearl Street Mall.

For more information about Activity Permits for Pearl Street, visit the City of Boulder's website.

Can I play musical instruments on the mall?

Yes, you may play an un-amplified musical instruments on the mall. Please limit performances to 30-minute increments and move locations on the mall to avoid bothering businesses upstairs.

Can I hand out flyers on the mall? 

Yes, you may hand out flyers on the mall.

Are there rules for the poster kiosks along the Pearl Street Mall?

The kiosks along Pearl Street Mall are spaces for community members to post information or promotional materials. Anything posted is protected by the First Amendment as free speech and cannot be regulated or taken down based on the content of the message. There are no regulations on the types of messaging that can or can't be included.

Boulder Parks and Recreation manages the kiosks. Parks staff remove all posters, regardless of content, on a weekly basis. All material is removed on Mondays or Tuesdays throughout the spring, summer and fall. During the winter BPR staff remove all items from kiosks less often because fliers don’t accumulate as quickly.

Can I set up a table on the mall?

No.  A table would require a permit.  Please contact the city.  See details above.

Can I smoke on the mall? Can I smoke e-cigarettes on the mall?

No. See the Mall Rules Page linked above (6-4-3.5 Smoking Prohibited on the Mall)

Can I bring my dog to the mall?

No. See the Mall Rules Page linked above (6-1-17 Animals on Mall Prohibited.)


Where is the RTD Bus Station?

The RTD Bus Station is located at 14th and Walnut

What hiking trails are near?

The Boulder Creek Path and Mt Sanitas are both within walking distance of downtown. Please visit Open Space & Mountain Parks website for trails maps and more information. 

The City of Boulder and 11 other agencies created a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. The Boulder Area Trails app provides access to all trail information in and around Boulder County. The app is designed to enable users to find trails by use or type, plan routes by connecting local community trails, and link to the appropriate agency websites for more information. Before you head out, be sure to hit the app’s refresh button at the bottom left on a WiFi network to ensure you see all the trails!