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Ambassador Program

Downtown Boulder Partnership (DBP), in partnership with the City of Boulder, implemented a more robust version of our Clean and Safe Ambassador Program in downtown that launched on July 1, 2021. Overall, the program provides cleaning, safety and hospitality services within the 49-block Business Improvement District (BID) along with the city's Civic Area.

If you are a downtown business owner and would like to make a operational request during business hours, please call 720-498-9601. Please feel free to utilize the maintenance request form for graffiti removal and other maintenance needs below. If you are not sure who to contact about a specific issue, please refer to our downtown maintenance, 'Who's Responsible' webpage with detailed information.


Why Here in Downtown Boulder

With the adoption of a more robust program, community members and visitors will notice an enhanced level of care for downtown's public realm.

This program supplements, not replaces, the City of Boulder’s work by bringing additional improvements to downtown’s appearance and offering more resources for the local community and visitors to the downtown core. Ambassadors will assist guests at the Visitor Information Center, as well as walk the district to provide enhanced services such as hospitality, clean and safe assistance/resources to businesses and social outreach. 

DBP ambassadors will help to continue to foster a downtown environment that is clean, safe, and welcoming every day of the year.  Areas of performance include:


  • Sweep or remove litter from sidewalks, curbs and other areas of public space
  • Damp wipe and straighten horizontal surfaces, such as trash can lids, news boxes and other infrastructure
  • Locate and remove graffiti from buildings, sidewalks and sidewalk/street fixtures
  • Perform weed removal and leaf blowing during required seasons


  • Serves as an extra set of "eyes and ears" to the Boulder Police and Fire departments
  • Address unwanted activities such as, aggressive panhandling, non-aggressive panhandling, bicycling on the pedestrian mall, disruptive behavior, etc.


  • Acknowledge pedestrians with a friendly greeting or identify visitors in order to provide local directions, information, or recommendations
  • Politely remind visitors of city rules and regulations (misc. ordinances, etc.)


Chris Zachariasse, DBP Director of Operations
Jeremy Tandy, Operations Manager

Program Partners

Thank you to the City of Boulder and Block by Block for their support of this program.

For questions about the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program in downtown Boulder, please contact or (303) 449 - 3774.