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Our Staff

Meet the Downtown Boulder Partnership Team!

Having worked in downtown district management for over 20 years, Chip is a strong proponent of supporting social infrastructure and is fascinated by the intersection of the public realm and private interests. Prior to coming to lead the Downtown Boulder Partnership, Chip served as the Executive Director for the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz and has been a long time advocate for arts, culture, and innovation.
Sue Hempstead
VP of Finance (Senior Leadership Team)
Sue Hempstead has been a part of the team since 1998, starting out as the office assistant in the three person organization. A native of Boulder, she loves working in the city where she grew up. Sue earned a bachelor’s degree from Cal State Long Beach. Although her degree wasn’t in accounting, she has grown to love handling the finances for the Downtown Boulder organizations.
Anna Salim
VP of Operations & Programming (Senior Leadership Team)
Anna Salim has overseen Downtown Boulder’s signature events for over a decade. She is responsible for the planning, execution and sponsorship sales for over a dozen community events. Anna also oversees the organization’s operations and membership teams and manages the public art and other special projects of Downtown Boulder Community Initiatives (501(c)(3)). She served on the City of Boulder's Arts Commission (2010 - 2015) and currently serves on the board for the PTO at Lafayette Elementary School.
Terri Takata-Smith
VP of Marketing & Communications (Senior Leadership Team)
Terri Takata-Smith is an experienced marketing and PR strategist with more than a decade on the Downtown Boulder team. She specializes in developing and implementing comprehensive marketing / promotional campaigns and communication plans. Terri is a 2020 International Downtown Association (IDA) Emerging Leader Fellow and received IDA’s Leadership in Place Management (LPM) certification in 2022. She currently serves on the board of directors for Downtown Colorado, Inc. and Visit Boulder.
Dave Adams
Business Liaison
Dave Adams is a longtime Boulder resident. With 35 years in the restaurant business, Dave joined Downtown Boulder in 2000. He currently works part-time assisting businesses overcome challenges operating in a downtown environment as the Business Liaison. In his free time, Dave enjoys skiing, mountain biking, swimming, and playing tennis or squash.
Jordana Levine
Administrative Assistant
As a Boulder resident since 2017, Jordana is eager to be a supportive presence in her community. Her learner’s mindset has motivated her to sharpen her second language skills with a degree in Spanish for the Professions from CU Boulder and surround herself with diverse perspectives in inspiring spaces such as the Presidents Leadership Class. When Jordana is not assisting the DBP team, she is likely cafe-hopping or people-watching (or, best of all, both at the same time).
Kat Shanahan
Membership & Programming Manager
Kat grew up in Boulder and has always been passionate about making a difference in her local community. She considers herself to be a lifelong learner, nature lover, and night sky enthusiast. Kat is joining the team with a background in scientific program management, holding a B.A. in Astrophysics and an M.S.Ed. in Learning Sciences. She is excited to manage membership engagement and programming, and to support the growth of partnership initiatives.
Emi Smith
Marketing & Communications Manager
Emi Smith grew up in the Midwest but has always had a longing to live near the mountains. After graduating from Butler University in 2021 with degrees in Strategic Communication and Political Science, she made her way from Indiana to Colorado. Emi is passionate about the power of a good story, the importance of building relationships and the necessity of local community. In her free time, she can most often be found on hikes, in yoga studios or reading inside coffee shops.
Brandon Lowe
Ambassador - Director of Operations
Brandon Lowe started his Block-By-Block career as a Clean Team Ambassador in his hometown of Lancaster, PA over 5 years ago. As a welder and skilled laborer, he loves using his hands to make a difference but, as a husband and father, the drive to invest and make a difference in his community runs deep. Brandon feels it is a privilege to continue his work with Block By Block now as the Operations Manager of the Downtown Boulder Partnership Ambassador Program.
James Mayfield
Ambassador - Team Lead
James has been a member of the Boulder community since moving here from South Park in 2008. He has worked on Pearl as a doorman at various bars for over a decade, made countless friends and acquaintances, and even met his wife here in Boulder. Before settling into the family lifestyle, he was an avid traceur and martial artist; spending much of his time leaping off of Boulder's historic architecture or having good-natured fights with other bouncers. He is also an accomplished cook, personal trainer, relentless jokester and unreprentant nerd. He has worked with the Downtown Ambassadors as a Team Lead since the beginning of 2021.