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Meet the Downtown Boulder Partnership Team!

Chip, CEO | Email Chip

Sue Hempstead, VP of Finance | Email Sue

Terri Takata-Smith, VP of Marketing & Communications | Email Terri

Anna Salim, VP of Events & Membership | Email Anna

Chris Zachariasse, Director of Operations | Email Chris

Cindy Sepucha, Community Development & Membership Manager | Email Cindy

Julie Phillips, Marketing & Communications Manager | Email Julie

Mariel Kramer, Events Coordinator | Email Mariel

Julia Simpson, Administrative Assistant | Email Julia

Dave Adams, Business Liaison | Email Dave

Marketing Intern | Email Intern

Visitor Center Ambassadors: Arlene Heinz, Leanne Davis, Ali Boyle, Donna Kruger, Jan Wahr, Gretchen Ridgeway and Jay Dunlap | Email Ambassadors

Downtown Maintenance Crew:  Maintenance Request Form 

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