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Homelessness Resources: Boulder County

Downtown Boulder Partnership strives to provide an inclusive, inviting district for all. Through strategic partnerships with our friends at the city, county and other local community organizations, it is our mission to treat unhoused individuals with the utmost dignity and respect.

Whenever possible, the goal is to connect individuals in need with resources to end the cycle of homelessness and/or provide mental health assistance. We support the City of Boulder's Homelessness Strategy. It is built around the belief that Boulder community members should have the opportunity for a safe and stable place to live. The strategy expands pathways to permanent housing and increases access to programs and services.

The links below provide community resources to better understand homelessness in Boulder County.

Boulder Beat Homelessness 101

Boulder Measures

BTHERE Program

Building Home

City of Boulder Homelessness Services

City of Boulder Homeless Services Dashboard

City of Boulder Homelessness Strategy

Community Resource Guide (updated September 2023)

Community Resource Guide (Spanish-updated Septiembre 2023)

Downtown Boulder Ambassador Team

Homeless Outreach Team

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County

National Alliance to End Homelessness

TGTHR To End Youth Homelessness

Unsanctioned Camping