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Boulder is like nowhere else on earth. You’ve probably seen it on a list somewhere – healthiest, happiest, fittest, greenest. Most educated, most artsy, most organic. Best place to bike, hike, run, climb … or just sip a microbrew and gaze at the mountains.

And in the heart of this amazing city is one of the most vibrant downtowns in America. Downtown Boulder is a thriving shopping, dining and entertainment district. And that is just the beginning. Downtown is also home to over 800 creative class businesses with nearly 7,000 employees. Emerging tech, green energy, natural products, architectural and creative firms fill the office spaces above and around the renowned Pearl Street Mall. Plus there are nearly 40,000 residents within walking distance of the boutiques, cafes and galleries in Downtown Boulder. 

Below you will find both available office space and retail / restaurant listings.  Please click through the listings for brochures and additional information. 

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Office Space for Lease

Property NameSq.Ft.Lease Rate
One Boulder Plaza 1801 13th Street1,325-5,738 square feet$30.00 NNN
The James Building 1920 13th Street368 SF$950 / month
Office Spaces on Pearl Street Mall 1966 13th Street165-5614 SFVaries
The Rink Building 1722 14th Street749 - 2,082 SF$14.00 - $19.50 NNN
1720 14th Street2,407-7,686 SFnegotiable
1750 14th Street4,888-9,776 sq. ft.$29.00 NNN
Office Space for Sublease in Downtown Boulder - 1731 15th Street799 – 4,477 sq. ft.$28.50-$29.50 NNN
1830 17th Street2,866$22.50 SF
Sublease Available at Canyon Center- 1881 9th Street3,546 SF20.00/SF NNN
Class A office space 1900 9th Street1,721-3,578 SF$29.50-$37.50
Canyon Center - 1881 9th Street Suite #1054,069$37.00/SF NNN
Canyon Center - 1881 9th Street Suite #20112,083 SF$37.00/SF NNN
Canyon Center - 1881 9th Street Suite #3014,300 SF$37.00/SF NNN
Modern Downtown Boulder Office Building For Lease- 1405 Arapahoe3042$32/ sq. ft. NNN
1415 Arapahoe Avenue1,433 sq. ft.$15.00 NNN
1624 Broadway1,796$25.00/sf
One Boulder Plaza- 1800 Broadway3646$28.00
1909 Broadway1,563$27.50
Beautiful & Affordable Personal Service Space - 2027 Broadway315$600 with expenses
Nice and Affordable Service or Office Space @ 2027 Broadway315 to 777 SF$600 to $1400 Gross
Siena Square Office Space 2060 Broadway752-6,207 SF$21.00/SF
2235 Broadway2,080 sq. ft.$23.50 NNN
1055 Canyon3,200, 4,100 or 7,300 combined$29.50-$32.50
1095 Canyon1,029 SF$37.50
Creative Office Sublease - 1301 Canyon Blvd.4,611 sq. ft.$19.50 NNN
Novel Coworking 15th & Canyon18,000 SFStarting @ $199/ month
William Building- 1650 Canyon Blvd.7,206 SF$40.00-$45.00/ SF
West End 10th and Pearl Street-1007 Pearl Street1815$30.00
Downtown Pearl Street Office Space-1007 Pearl Street2350$25.00
Downtown Pearl Street Office Space-1007 Pearl Street519$15.00
Downtown Pearl Street Office Space- 1007 Pearl Street744$18.00
1017 Pearl Street3,000$24.00
Spectacular 5th Floor Pearl Street Office For Lease-1035 Pearl Street9823 SF$36 NNN
Office or Therapist Space 1445 Pearl Street377$23.00/ SF ($1,150.45 monthly includes NNN Charg
1637 Pearl Street #2041,611 sq. ft.$22.00/ sq. ft. NNN
Premier Downtown East Pearl Retail or Office For Lease - Major Leasing Incentive2,522 - 7,928 sq. ft.$17/ sq. ft. NNN
1200 Pearl Street258$700.00
Executive Upper Level Office Suites 1209 Pearl Street1,050 SF$4,250/month + utilities
1245 Pearl Street Offices420 SF$1,680
The Cartwright Building 1320 Pearl Street356 - 4,344 SF$9.85-$24.00 NNN
1445 Pearl Street Mall Office456 SF$22.00 ($1,348/ month includes NNN)
1615 Pearl Street3,616$24.00 NNN
Pearl Street Office Space - 1135 Pearl Street2,000 – 3,260 sq. ft.$23.95 NNN
Office Partners on Pearl- 1200 Pearl Street710$5500.00
Office Partners on Pearl-1200 Pearl115-675 SFVaries
Co-Working Memberships-1200 Pearl Street$79.00 - $290.00
Desks on Demand 1200 Pearl Street$50.00
2nd Floor Office Space Above Pearl Street Mall- 1200 Pearl Street2,500 to 6938 SF$24.00
2 open desk spaces @ 1539 Pearl Street$550/MONTH
1910- 1914 Pearl Street2,760$29.00
Class A Pearl Street Office Space For Lease / 1941 Pearl St3,091 SF$27.50/RSF NNN
2336 Pearl - Rare Stand-Alone Office Building in Downtown Boulder4,369Negotiable
939 Pearl Street SUBLEASE2300$15.00/SF NNN
1350 Pine716-891 SF$16.00-$18.00
The Registry Executive Suites 1113 Spruce St17,158 SF
1215 Spruce Street2,251 - 16,961 SF$32.00
1360 Walnut2,395- 7,743 SF$27.00 NNN
Westpeak Building- 1470 Walnut Street3597 SF$29.00 NNN
1515 Walnut Street1,998-4,301 SF$18.0 NNN
Lease in the Hottest New Building Downtown-1123 Walnut Street1,567 sq. ft. - 5,902 sq. ft.$32-$50/ sq. ft.
1470 Walnut Street6,549 - 11,827 sq. ft.$28.00-$36.00 NNN

Retail Space for Lease

Property NameSq.Ft.Lease Rate
Small Retail Space Near Pearl Street- 1911 11th Street1,277$60 NNN
2010 16th Street463 - 2,840 sq. ft.Negotiable
1909 Broadway1,563$27.50
Broadway Frontage Retail- 2035 Broadway2164$29 NNN (cheap nets)
Siena Square Retail Space 2052 Broadway1,212-2,106 SF (3,318 combined)$30.00 NNN
Siena Square Retail Space-2060 Broadway1257$30.00/SF NNN
Pearl Street Retail Space- 1102 Pearl Street1000-4883 SF$70-90 NNN
1200 Pearl Street1,477 - 1,896 sq. ft.Negotiable
Prime Corner Retail on East Pearl in Downtown Boulder - Major Leasing Incentive2522 sq. ft.$22/ sq. ft. NNN
1200 Pearl Street Suite 351,108$9.50 NNN
The Cartwright Building 1320 Pearl Street356 - 4,344 SF$9.85-$24.00 NNN
1418 Pearl Street2,268 sq. ft.$46.35 NNN
1795 Pearl St - Retail Space for Lease5923Negotiable
Turn Key Restaurant Facility- 1115 Pearl Street2406Terms Negotiable
1035 Pearl Street Retail3,300 sq. ft.$37.50 NNN
1346 Pearl Street12,600Negotiable
Retail Spaces on Boulder’s Iconic Pearl Street Mall- 1428-1430 Pearl Street570-2224Negotiable
Retail Space For Lease - 1468 Pearl Street1,620 sq. ft.Negotiable
1468 Pearl Street2,049 - 4,731 sq. ft.Negotiable
1600 Pearl Street2,520 - 5,196 sq. ft.$42.00 - $50.00 NNN
Retail / Restaurant Space Available - 1701 Pearl Street1,845 – 5,063 sq. ft.Negotiable
Lease in the Hottest New Building Downtown-1123 Walnut Street1,567 sq. ft. - 5,902 sq. ft.$32-$50/ sq. ft.
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