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National Hot Chocolate Day Guide

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Hey Downtown!

In celebration of National Hot Cocoa Day last week, I wanted to write a short and sweet guide to some of my favorite local cafes! I am a naturally caffeinated person who loves chocolate, so obviously hot cocoa is my go-to for a warm winter treat. 

As a small business lover, downtown is a great place to treat myself to a bit of luxury. For me, this luxury often looks like studying at Ozo Coffee on the East end. This is the perfect place for my best friend and me to try new drinks and enjoy their gluten-free goodies. I also love their comfortable atmosphere with plants, cute cups, and bright sunlight that peaks during a bluebird day (my favorite weather). 

During those times I need to be productive, I enjoy the upbeat and modern atmosphere of Capital One Cafe. I went there on my first day here in Downtown Boulder, and my favorite latte was so delicious and tasted weirdly familiar. Only a few days later I looked at the menu and saw they served Verve Coffee, my favorite local cafe from my hometown in California! Although I ordered a hot chocolate for National Hot Cocoa Day, I highly recommend Capital One for a day of studying or remote work!

You can also celebrate Hot Cocoa Day (really any day) with cold chocolate - because why not? No matter the form, I am easily convinced to try a new chocolatey flavor. After consistently walking by the East and West locations, I finally tried Gelato Boy. I am now officially a repeat customer of their dark chocolate gelato, which thankfully does not leave their rotation of flavors. Luckily for all of us, their homemade dark hot chocolate is actually made from their fantastic gelato, so now I have a favorite cold treat AND hot drink when I can’t decide what to get. 

As I continue exploring downtown, I still have some great local cafes to try! Next up on my list is Bitty & Beau’s. I have heard wonderful things about their Human Rights movement and even better compliments about their customer service. Since September, they have brought so much positivity (and great drink specials) downtown, and I can’t wait to explore their menu! 

I also plan to wander to Wonder. The Downtown Boulder Coffee Trails Blog inspired me, and Wonder caught my eye. It has almost any coffee, tea, or juice you can imagine. Even though it will be difficult to decide, I am always excited to support local organic farmers with fun and healthy drinks. 

Back with more adventures soon! After I finish my hot chocolate, of course …


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