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Downtown Boulder's Security Camera Grant

Program Description
The purpose of Downtown Boulder's Security Camera Grant is to encourage businesses and/or property owners within the downtown core, as defined by the  Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District (DBBID), to aid in safety by supporting the installation (or updating) of security cameras.  This grant reimburses owners of commercial buildings and/or businesses up to 50% of the total cost of security camera(s) (including installation costs), for a maximum reimbursement of $500 for a single commercial property.  Cameras installed under this grant would be expected to meet a requirement that allows equipment and/or footage access to local law enforcement if need.

Downtown Boulder Partnership will provide reimbursements on a first-come, first-served basis until the program limit of $10,000 is reached. Public-facing cameras in this program (providing views of the business and public space) can be registered with Boulder Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch Surveillance Program. (Please note - signing up for this program does not give Boulder police the ability to freely access these cameras, claim ownership or dictate the camera system’s function.  Downtown Boulder Partnership and the City of Boulder shall NOT be held liable and make no assurances regarding the effectiveness or outcome of camera use).

Eligible Applicants
Applicants must be the property owner of a commercially occupied building within the DBBID or an operating tenant business with written approval from the property owner if installing exterior equipment.

Camera Specifications

  1. Capable of recording HD color images during sufficient lighting and recording HD black and white images during hours of low light.
  2. Mounted in a secure position deterring vandalism or destruction of camera equipment.
  3. Have a clear and unobstructed view of public areas of desired coverage.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the formal grant application. (Contact Chris Zachariasse or call 303-449-3774 with questions.) 
  2. In addition to the online application form, please provide the following details via PDF or JPG attachments.  These attachments should be emailed to or mailed to Chris via Downtown Boulder Partnership, 1942 Broadway Suite #301, Boulder, CO 80302.
    1.  Photo(s) clearly showing where security camera(s) will be located.
    2. If using a third-party installer, an estimate from a licensed contractor detailing camera specifications and installation costs.
    3. If you are purchasing the equipment yourself (i.e... Ring, Nest, Arlo, etc.), link to vendor with cost details.
    4. If you are a tenant, approval letter (or email confirmation) from the building/property owner for the exterior installation/mounting of security equipment.
  3.  A determination letter will be emailed within five (5) business days confirming (or denying) approval and specifying estimated amount of reimbursement.  Once received, the applicant can proceed with the purchase and/or installation.
  4. Once the camera(s) are installed, it/they must be registered with Boulder Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch Surveillance Program.
  5. Submit final copies of invoice(s)/receipts to Chris and a reimbursement check for 50% of total costs and capped at $500 (based on final amount spent - not estimated costs) will be mailed out within 30 days.