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Watercolor Aura Painting Pop-Up

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Watercolor Aura Paintings Pop-Up
with Courtney Kali
Saturday, January 7 — 11:00am-12:00pm
Description: See your energy as art with a watercolor aura reading!

Together, we will open a space where you can truly be seen. Using watercolors, vision and conversation I will create a watercolor based on your energy (aura).

During your reading, we will translate movement, colors, intention and essence and explore how it can best serve you in following your Soul’s true, liberated expression.

Leave with curiosity, a sense of renewal and clarity of your Source creative power (intuition) + your very own aura water color!

About Courtney Kali:

C Kali (Courtney Kalinowski) is a healing visionary artist. Her mission is to paint numinous experiences to serve as a visual reminder of potent truth. She is a graduate of the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Courtney has created custom natal chart portraits, vivid dream landscapes, and auras for people all over the United States.

Courtney is influenced by various dream experiences and connections with nature and soul. Her mission is to bridge the unseen, Universal Love that pervades all; to create paintings/imagery that remind people of their innate, inner brilliance.

Courtney identifies with dreams, stars, sky, wind, sunlit edges, the moon’s glow, and bats flying at dusk.

While the images remain a mystery during her painting/layering process; Courtney intends to create a rhythm and depth between shapes that connect people to a greater power and evoke a sense of serenity and inspiration.