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Tulip Fairy & Egg Hunt - West End 

We invite you to join in the fun by playing one (or more!) of our Tulip Fairy & Egg Hunts (available April 1 - 30, 2021).

It's easy and free to play:

  • Start by heading to the location described in the first clue below: solve the first clue to find the location.
  • Once you arrive at the stop, the colored drawing of the Tulip Fairy herself - found just inside - lets you know you've found the right place.
  • The Tulip Fairy has a QR code - scan using a smartphone to get your next clue.
  • See store associates at each stop for prizes!

Anytime you get stuck, just tap the See the Strorefront button and an image of the outside of the store will be revealed.

Don't want to use QR codes? Access all clues in one friendly document here

The West End Hunt takes you along Pearl Street's far West End to just three stops - all between 8th and 9th streets on Pearl.

Clue 1

For your first stop: You may want to begin your adventure on the southeast corner of Pearl & 8th streets. Fairies love shiny things (like jewels) to go with their beautiful rainbow scarves - this "gypsy" place with a purple exterior has both.

Are you stuck?  Tap See the Storefront below to see an image of this location.