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Ana's Art Gallery

Just a block off “the Bricks”, become immersed within a global adventure through a variety of art mediums at Ana’s Art Gallery. Ana Weir’s life passions have always manifested through her admiration for the arts. “I have always loved art. I spent years researching and admiring the Masters and became fascinated with the whole concept of how they became artists. I love watching how they evolved overtime, analyzing the way they paint and comparing them to modern artists now.”

An avid-traveler, Ana has explored areas all around the globe, but after moving to Boulder 32 years ago, it has remained her homebase ever since. “I am a world traveler, however, I love my home in Boulder and love that my family is here.” Over the years, Ana specifically took a liking to the close-knit community downtown. “I like the unique, friendly community here. I also enjoy being close to the beautiful Flatirons.” 

Ana’s combined passions for traveling and art flourished into becoming an established curator. “I have been in the art industry for 20 years.” After the global pandemic hit in 2020, Ana felt a personal responsibility to amplify artists and showcase talents from across the world. “I felt like artists were depending on me, so I decided it was time to open a gallery downtown.” Two years later in 2022, her vision would come to life as Ana's Art Gallery. 

Ana saw the downtown area as a place to inspire others through art from the Caribbean, Africa, Mexico and beyond. Ana invites you into this intimate space full of culture and open-mindedness. She further encourages guests to ask questions. “You can walk into my gallery and ask me anything about the pieces, the artists and their stories.” 

Next time you find yourself inspired to take an artistic adventure around the globe, make your way to this vibrant gallery and say hello to Ana. From there, you will be welcomed with unique oil paintings, fantastic paper mache sculptures and the warmth of small business hospitality. Ask questions, learn about local and international artists and most of all, allow the art to speak your heart as it has to Ana her whole life.

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Ana's Art Gallery



Why Downtown?

I like the unique, friendly community here. I also enjoy being close to the beautiful Flatirons.

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