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In the summer of 2022, Downtown Boulder Partnership (in conjunction with the City of Boulder) embarked on a five year vision plan leading up to the 50th anniversary of the Pearl Street Mall in 2027.   Considered Boulder's 'living room' since its inception, the mall and surrounding district is a gathering spot for locals and visitors from around the world.   As we move together towards this milestone, the Boulder community has a unique opportunity for thoughtful conversations about the future of downtown’s identity, programming, and projects.

Through public and private partnerships, and with feedback from businesses and residents together we can look at opportunities to strengthen shifting relationships with businesses and storefronts, decrease vulnerability to climate events, and collectively foster a more equitable and inclusive community, all the while preparing for the exciting 50th Anniversary milestone. Shifting to the future with a cohesive plan of action will enable downtown Boulder to gracefully adapt to challenges, seize opportunities and collectively articulate a vision for the future.


The Downtown Boulder Vision Plan will be developed for the community and by the community, focusing on meaningful engagement and building upon existing partnerships and plans. This vision plan will tell a story of the future of downtown Boulder while focusing on identity, economic vibrancy, infrastructure, programming, and the relationship to a changing city.

The plan will serve as a beacon for strategic priorities and help to inform policy over the next five years. It will be a resource for the Downtown Boulder Partnership (DBP) to execute goals and set priorities, as well as to provide a reference for our strategic partners and stakeholders.

The Vision Plan will be shared publicly later this fall! DBP can't wait to share it with the community and then get to work to make it come to life!


The plan is being molded by people like you. Throughout the process, we held charettes, workshops and conducted surveys to communicate as much as possible with a vast array of stakeholders and community members.

We thank every single person who participated and engaged with during events / community engagement opportunities.  (Note, the online community survey  - in partnership with the City of Boulder's Be Heard Boulder platform concluded on August 31, 2022.)

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The Downtown Boulder Vision Plan will consider and include the guidance of existing planning work in Boulder to create a comprehensive vision for the future. Follow the links below for more information about previous plans.:

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If you have any questions/comments/recommendations about the five year vision plan, please reach out to Katherine Shanahan, Membership Engagement Manager.

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