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40 Years On Pearl

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Post Date: Friday, July 7, 2017

Photo Fun Fact: If you look closely in the photo above, you might recognize a prominent downtown Boulder business owner and  former city council member.  He's a vocal supporter of small businesses and the downtown community.   We are not ready to reveal his identity just yet but you might just be able to figure it out if you stare at his face long enough!

Attention Boulderites! The Pearl Street Mall will be celebrating its 40th year anniversary this August! As with most anniversaries, this calls for some historic reminiscing. Back in the day, Boulder started out as a typical western frontier supply town for gold miners. [Fun fact: Arapaho Chief Niwot cursed the early logcabin town the prospectors had built in an effort to keep people from encroaching on the beautiful land. Obviously it was worth the risk!] From the beginning Pearl Street has been the mainstay in Boulder, a lively spot for business and leisure, whether it was the bookstore or one of the many saloons. Fast forward and we’ve traded some of the saloons for organic coffee shops. 

The Pearl Street Mall was dedicated August 6, 1977 and evolved into an integral part of the Boulder community. Over the years, Pearl street and its Mall have blossomed into the premier attraction we enjoy today! To commemorate the rich history of the Mall we are asking YOU to help us illustrate its vibrant past! We are requesting that you share any photos that document or show life and the community on the Pearl Street Mall. Outside of the Mall’s visitor center we will be curating the submitted photos into a large board for historic recognition, dedicated to life on Pearl and also showcasing the images online through our social media and By participating through submitting photos, you will also have the chance to win some amazing prizes!

If you would like to help us celebrate Pearl Street Mall’s 40th anniversary by sharing your photos of its history, please hit the button below for more information on how to contribute and prize details. Good luck and we look forward to your submissions!

Yours Truly,

Intern Dave

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