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5 Shops That Can't Be Missed on the West End

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Post Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Downtown is known for being one of the best shopping destinations on the front range. Some of my favorite hot spots to shop happen to be on the West End. I’ve highlighted 5 different shops that can’t be missed on your next retail therapy day.

1. Topo Designs: Topo is a classic, modern, mountainy store. This is one of my favorite places to buy backpacks, being a college student I need something that’s sturdy and tough. I can fit all of my books and notebooks, as well as my water bottle without a worry. They also have quality clothing and accessories for any outdoorsy lover.

2. Cedar & Hyde Mercantile: This shop has everything from jewelry and home decor, to everything in between. They’re known for being “casually chic”, which their clothing really embodies as does their artisan items. Not to mention, it’s also not a bad place if you’re looking to buy gifts for a friend.

3. Shoe Fly: So I’m a big fan of shoes, sneakers, boots, name it. Shoe Fly never disappoints when it comes to my shoe needs. They always have the most stylish shoes unique to their store. I’m always tempted to stop in whenever I’m wandering around on the West End. Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes right?

4. Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique: The perfect summer shop right now has to be Nani Nalu Beachwear. One pieces have made a comeback for swimsuits, and I’ve found some of the most flattering pieces here. Even if you’re not looking for swimwear still pop in because their dresses and cover-ups are so lightweight and just what every woman needs for this sizzling summer. Schedule a fitting with one of their specialists to find the perfect suit and size for your body type.

5.Classic Facets: Classic Facets is a little hidden gem on the West End. This store offers antique and vintage jewelry. When it comes to jewelry I’m all about rings, and this store has some of the most noteworthy rings I’ve ever seen.

These are just some of the many amazing stores on the West End, so if you ever find yourself trying to kill some time or want to shop after getting a bite to eat make sure to check out these spots.  


Intern Tyla

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