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East End Adventures!

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Post Date: Monday, March 20, 2017

Hi Boulder!

My cousin and brother recently made big steps in their lives. During spring break, I am finally meeting my cousin’s new puppy and visiting her house in New Jersey. My brother and his wife also recently moved to Irvine, California all the way from Atlanta, Georgia.  I am going to get to enjoy their new spot by the ocean during the summer. Since I am going to be visiting them both, I realized I should come bearing gifts. To prepare, I decided to take a personal day to shop and enjoy the beautiful sunshine on the East End of Pearl Street.

I stopped by The Cup just to relax before I started searching for gifts. If you ask my mom, she will tell you I have the worst stamina when it comes to shopping so I figured I should get my caffeine fix. This was actually my first time visiting and I absolutely loved the atmosphere. I’m a huge Beatles fan which made listening to their playlist very enjoyable. I sat on the comfy, blue couch right in front of the all the pastries on display. The temptation was difficult to resist with chocolate muffins and broccoli cheddar quiche (both which I hear are delicious!).  Sipping on my coffee, I also noticed the baristas behind the counter. They were singing and dancing to the music as if no one was around. Safe to say, The Cup was a great start to my day.

I went a few doors down to one of my favorite stores, Momentum. I was looking around for a good house warming gift for my cousin. I know she loves to cook so I started there. Momentum had gorgeous, handcrafted salad bowls with animal printed tongs. My cousin and her husband also love to travel and recently came back from Hawaii. The store had these colorful world map journals made from sustainable leather and tree-free paper. I thought this would be a great gift for them to journal their travel adventures.

For my brother and his wife, I strolled down to Bliss. They had an entire section dedicated to newlyweds with candles, picture frames and dishes. Since they moved to California, they have been bike riding along the beach as much as possible. There was a small dish with a bicycle drawing saying “I’ll ride anywhere with you” and another with a key drawing saying “you hold the key to my heart”. There were also beautiful picture frames that said “best day ever” and “Mr. and Mrs”. I was torn between the bicycle dish and the “best day ever” picture frame because I know they would love them both.

I leave for spring break this Thursday so I needed some advice on what to buy. I called my mom and we both agreed on the handcrafted salad bowl for my cousin and the bicycle dish for my brother and his wife! The East End of Pearl Street Mall never fails! For more information on Pearl Street’s East End, visit or visit their Facebook page!



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