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East End Gems

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After studying at the East End Ozo Coffee with my girlfriends, I wandered around to make a list of my favorite hidden gems to share with all of you! 

Since I love sustainable fashion, Apocalypse is hands down my favorite thrift store in Boulder. There are always new, affordable and one-of-a-kind clothes for any style. Apocalypse is super artsy and aesthetic with decorations that they update every season or holiday. Right now they also have some neat Saint Patrick's designs and sales out for this weekend!

Boco Life is a downtown classic with their CU representation and original Colorado designs. They have super cute Boulder souvenirs you can pick up there, which are an excellent gift for anyone visiting family, friends or students like me! (The first thing I look for in the store is their locally-made stickers, which I purchase almost every time.)

As spring approaches, so does one of my favorite hobbies: fly fishing in Colorado rivers. Front Range Anglers always has the best flies and their gear is super high-quality! Since my dad taught me how to flyfish, I joined the Fly Fishing Club in my first year at CU. We would always stop by the Front Range for tackle before, and they even hosted fly-tying events for the club. 

Whenever I feel overly stressed, the Dragontree massages, sauna, and spa never disappoint. My parents and I have been getting massages here whenever they visit, and it’s the perfect way to relax from being a busy student. As a gift to myself, I got one before my big gymnastics event last weekend, and it made me feel super relaxed, refreshed and ready to compete!

I hope you all can make it to the East End blocks, maybe after the big winter storm!


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