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Hello downtown!

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Hello Downtown!

My name is Kate Curran, and I am the new Downtown Boulder Partnership (DBP) Marketing Intern for Summer 2024. I am so excited for this experience to become more involved with downtown! You will be hearing more from me these next few months, and I cannot wait to engage with all of you.

A little bit about me… I am a Public Relations major and a rising senior at CU, which I cannot believe. I grew up in a small town north of Boston and decided to take a risk and come all the way to Colorado for college. Although I will always love the East Coast, I can confidently say it was the best decision I have ever made!

CU has given me lifelong friendships, a remarkable education, and unlimited experiences for which I am forever grateful. Getting familiar to Boulder and the charm of downtown has only added to my amazing experience, making me even more excited for my final year at CU and all that Boulder has to offer.

Ever since I was younger, I have had a passion for social media. I grew up consuming YouTube, which then led to other platforms (e.g. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.). Growing older, I wanted to create content of my own to share my life and all the things I love. I decided to narrow down specifically on food! My senior year of high school, I developed temporary intolerances to many foods, which caused my diet to be extremely restrictive. The thing I struggled with the most during this time was finding inspiration for meals that fit into my diet. This made me think that if I am feeling this way, others must be too. So I decided to create an Instagram page called @Kates_meals, where I would post all the meals I was cooking for myself in addition to those I ordered at restaurants. Over time, my only intolerance became gluten, which makes my life a lot easier. I still continue to post all of my cooking and restaurant content, since I have developed a love for content creating. Feel free to check out @kates_meals on Instagram for a little bit more about me!

I invite you to follow along on my journey with DBP as I share my favorite downtown stores (and gluten-free recommendations), as well as all the fun downtown has to offer!

See you around,


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