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Hey Downtown, It's Alexandra!

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Post Date: May 17, 2022

Headshot of Alexandra

Hello Boulder!

My name is Alexandra, and I am excited to be Downtown Boulder Partnership’s Summer intern! While I have grown up mostly in Colorado, this past year has been my first living in Boulder. After taking a break from school last year to work in Washington D.C, I came to CU Boulder (‘sko buffs!) to study Communication with a double minor in Leadership Studies and Sports Media. With only one year left of school, I am thrilled to spend this summer soaking in all that Boulder has to offer before graduating next spring.

I have lived in many different places around the USA, and Colorado is by far my favorite. Nothing can beat the Colorado lifestyle! My free time is filled with skiing, hiking, running, rock climbing and anything else outside. In addition, I love finding fun new coffee shops and restaurants, as well as teaching yoga. All of my hobbies fit right in here in Boulder, and I have quickly realized that the possibilities and activities this unique town has to offer are endless. From local shops and unique events to fitness classes and outdoor activities, downtown Boulder is the place to be!

Some of my favorite moments in Boulder have been downtown. You can frequently find me studying at Trident Booksellers and Cafe or grabbing dinner with friends at Rosetta Hall or Bartaco. Every night that I find myself downtown, I make a point to stroll the length of Pearl Street, taking in the storefronts, lively crowds and street performers. I love the environment and energy of downtown and am beyond excited to find new favorite places and things to do around Boulder.

Already, I am learning about new businesses, events and happenings in downtown that I didn’t know existed. This summer, I’m looking forward to spending my time in the heart of Boulder and sharing what I discover with friends, family and you all! While exploring new places, I hope to get to know the unique stories and histories that each business and place around downtown holds. I’ll no doubt be taking you along with me through these blog posts, showing the adventures I’ll experience throughout the summer as an intern with Downtown Boulder Partnership. I can’t wait to get started and share what I learn along the way!

See you around!


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