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Introducing The Downtown Sweets Trail

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Post Date: Monday, July 27, 2020

Everyone has cravings- chips, pretzels, caffeine- and for me, my cravings have always been sugary. Ice cream, doughnuts and churros are always at the top of my list, and no meal is complete without a little dessert to finish it off. My roommates have seen me whip up mug cakes when my sweet tooth strikes, and my family knows to always keep a pint of ice cream in the freezer for me. While this may sound like overkill (and it is), my love of sweets is just something I can’t shake. This is why I’ve taken it upon myself to create the Downtown Sweets Trail. Whether you’re a sweets fanatic like me or you’re just curious about which desserts lie amongst downtown Boulder, you’re sure to find something that peaks your interest. 

First on the trail is Cured, which is a “gourmet grocery store and cafe” on the East End. Although Cured is known for their beautiful charcuterie boards, they also have a wide selection of chocolate bars. Everything from 70% chocolate to vegan chocolate to a spiced plum chocolate bar is available from Cured. If the chocolate bar options become too overwhelming, they also sell flaky shortbread cookies that are topped with an edible flower. On the opposite end of the Trail, on the West End, is Piece, Love & Chocolate which is the cutest chocolatier you’ll ever come across. It’s nestled in a quieter part of downtown, and offers macaroons, eclairs and chocolate, of course. My favorite thing to do is order a chocolate croissant with an iced chai latte, and eat it outside under their awning while people watching. 

While chocolate is certainly a delectable dessert, the Sweets Trail has much more to offer. If you’re looking for something refreshing, try Le Pops or Gelato Boy for a popsicle, soft serve or gelato. Both are in the center of downtown, so you can stop to rest while enjoying your treat or take it to go and continue exploring. Or if you need some real food to balance out the sugar, head to Boulder Baked or Rosetta Hall to grab a bite to eat before you jump into dessert. 

I hope you enjoy the Downtown Sweets Trail as much as I enjoyed creating it, and be sure to check out Kilwins, Ben & Jerry’s, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Rocket Fizz which are also featured on the Trail. If you need some extra motivation to get started, head to DBP’s Instagram highlight for a sneak peek that features all of the amazing places on the Trail! 


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