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My Experience at Tasty Iconic Downtown Restaurant: Foolish Craig's

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Post Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2021

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Hi Downtown Boulder Readers, 

This week I checked out the iconic Boulder breakfast and lunch spot, Foolish Craig’s. I had heard about Foolish Craig’s delicious crepes and locally famous Corned Beef Hash since arriving on campus last year, so I was excited to experience it in person!

When I first sat down at Foolish Craig’s I was blown away by their variety of breakfast options. Their menu has something tasty for everyone’s dietary needs from the Whole Thing Crepe with caramelized walnuts, bananas, Nutella, brown sugar, cinnamon and whipped cream to Avocado Toast and egg dish with smashed avocado, spinach, roma tomatoes, english cucumbers, balsamic vinaigrette on fresh baked wheat toast with a cage-free egg. The menu truly has something to satisfy everyone’s hunger cravings any time of the day.. 

While their menu has so many things that sounded appealing, I finally settled on the Corned Beef Hash after I saw that it was featured on one of my favorite television shows, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri. In addition to the corned beef hash, I ordered a flavorful and energizing iced coffee that was just what I needed to start my day. After sipping on my coffee, my breakfast had arrived and based on the look alone, I could tell that this was going to be an awesome culinary experience for my tastebuds! The plate included tender corn beef, cooked peppers, onions and scrambled eggs all served on Foolish Craig’s irresistible homemade potatoes. After mixing all the ingredients together, I took my first bite, I knew I had made the perfect decision because everything tasted amazing! I absolutely loved the combination of the savory corn beef with the rich tasting potatoes and fluffy scrambled eggs. The cooked peppers and onions complimented the other ingredients so well and I can totally appreciate Guy’s review of this dish and his other recommendations from the restaurant's two appearances on the show.  I can’t wait to return to check out more items on the menu, up next, the Chorizo Benedict! 

If having some of the best breakfast in Boulder is not enough, Foolish Craig’s has a great outdoor seating area with a beautiful view of the mountains and the East End. I was fortunate enough to get a table outside on a gorgeous sunny day that only added to my Foolish Craig’s experience. I had a seat looking right out into all of the beautiful trees, flowers and stores of the East End with Flagstaff Mountain serving as the background. As summer and great weather continue to roll in, grab a seat outside at Foolish Craig’s to enjoy the picturesque scenery of downtown Boulder. 

Talk to you soon, 

Jacob S.

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