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Pearl Street's Newest Additions

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Post Date: Thursday, July 13, 2017


Summer is heating up in Boulder and the fun in the sun continues here on Pearl Street! In case you have been too caught up in the routine of frequenting your already favorite spots on Pearl, this post highlights a few new attractions that will compliment your summer. Take a break from the pool and indulge in some new apparel to put on after tanning, or perhaps a tasty treat to combat those high temps. 


Warby Parker

You can’t have summer without sunglasses, and if you want the sleekest in the optics game, Warby Parker is the destination for you! Warby Parker is a socially conscious brand that offers modern-style designer eyewear for men and women. If your aim is to look like a GQ model by the pool, a distinguished intellectual, or someone who’s just here to have fun, you will find a style to suit your needs. Stop by to advance the style of your eye protection!  

Canoe Club

Think of this store as the ultimate gentleman’s closet. The place you would go to outfit yourself in style before chopping firewood. Canoe Club caters to all the style-conscious gentlemen of the world, whether it be clothing, eyewear, accessories, or leather goods, you won’t find an item that isn’t dripping with style. 

Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique 

Attention ladies, the Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique is Boulder’s best curated selection of swim and resort wear! Their staff is highly skilled in ensuring that shoppers receive the most rewarding shopping experience. Summer is meant for showing off! They’re active on Instagram so give them a follow for an inside look: @naninaluboulder 

Elison Rd.

This women’s clothing boutique features styles at unbeatable prices (so I've heard...). You will find a very millennial/Cali type of vibe here. With the influx of California girls coming to the Flatirons, it’s only right we have a store to suit their style needs. I’m not complaining.

Le Pops

Never before did I imagine a store dedicated to selling artisanal popsicles! Let me tell you that Le Pops may be the most crucial summer stop on Pearl Street. They have some of the most creative, and tasty, flavor combinations I have ever been offered. Summer is all about sun, but if you get too much of it stop in Le Pops and cool down from the inside (I recommend the Melon Mojito flavor).

Yours truly,

Intern Dave

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