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Pizza Colore: Pizza Perspective from a Former East Coaster

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Post Date: Friday, December 11, 2020

Exterior of Pizza Colore

Guest Post by James Reynolds

I’m James Reynolds, a transplant from the East Coast now living in Boulder. I've spent the last 7 years studying, making, and eating pizza on the road to becoming a pizza expert. When I first arrived, I set out on a mission to eat every single pizza Boulder has to offer. On that journey, I have met some amazing pizza people! Inspired by the great pizza people of Boulder, I met with the owner of Pizza Colore, one of the best slice joints downtown, to see how the pizza world has changed during a global pandemic.

Boulder isn't really known for it’s pizza, but there are a lot of places downtown that serve a slice of heaven. One of those place’s is Pizza Colore right in the heart of the Pearl Street Mall. This place is a typical old school, east coast slice joint that looks to be straight from a New York Spike Lee movie. When you walk by the storefront a middle-aged Italian man named Dan will yell, “SLICES! PIZZA BY THE SLICE!” to attract customer attention to the great and whacky slices Pizza Colore offers. Not only do they make one of the best classic cheese slices in town, but they get creative to please a non-traditional pizza market like Boulder. For instance, their signature slice is the chorizo pizza. It’s a beautiful culinary creation made with chorizo, jalapeno, roasted peppers, red onion and finished with dollops of fresh ricotta. The spice from the jalapeno and the creaminess of the ricotta is a match made in pizza heaven. This slice of pizza is a true experience!

Even though Pizza Colore makes a killer slice, like many local businesses, the number of customers just isn't the same as before COVID-19. Dan, owner of Pizza Colore, has made some innovative adaptations to cater to all customers. Having a very narrow restaurant like Colore isn't ideal during a global pandemic and a time of social distancing, so they rearranged the restaurant, moving tables so people could eat outside and enjoy the beautiful Boulder weather. With the extra space created from the tables being moved, Dan added a second register, but this one is at the window. Customers can now walk up on the Pearl Street Mall and order a slice, salad or an amazing, fresh cannoli, without ever having to step inside. It’s their version of a Pearl Street drive through.

Though from outside or when ordering delivery you won't be able to see the slices they have on display, employees will have no problem telling you about each one and listing all of the toppings. If you ask what's on their signature Angry Hawaiian - A ranch-based pizza topped with Canadian bacon, hickory smoked bacon, pineapple marinated in a sweet spicy marinade, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and then finished with a swirl of the angry sauce - it might take a minute to comprehend all those toppings, but I can assure you it’s worth it.

The businesses at the Pearl Street Mall have been getting creative to make your shopping and dining experience as safe and as normal as possible. Pizza Colore is no exception and they make a slice that will even impress a New Yorker. To see a full list of downtown restaurants, head to 

- James Reynolds (Guest Writer) 

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