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Study Break on the Bricks!

Category: Boulder Blog

Post Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hi from Downtown!

With midterms approaching, it’s time to hit the books! When I want to take a break from campus, I stroll down to the Pearl Street Mall to visit my favorite study spots. Everything I need is downtown, from coffee, tea, food and ambiance. I grew up in a household where coffee was consumed daily and my brother and I contemplated whether our parents could survive without it. As a result, I am drawn to coffee shops because they are a reminder of home. Here are a few downtown spots that allow me to relax and enjoy studying.   

At Ozo Coffee Company, I sit in the same spot every time. Toward the back, there is a table right next to the door to the patio. This allows me to be away from the busy front entrance while still getting a glimpse of sunshine. Ozo will always have a special place in my heart because my dad and I sat in that same spot during his last visit. We both had to get some work done but ended up laughing for hours sipping hot chocolate.

Starbucks is another awesome spot. Back home, my mom and I would go on a walk near the river and stop by Starbucks on the way home. This turned in to our mother daughter routine. Now, I like to sit on the outside patio on the Pearl Street Mall and drink a vanilla bean Frappuccino like we used to. I set up my laptop and get a lot done using their free wifi. I also love snacking on their sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich when I need a boost.

Occasionally, I take a break from coffee. Ku Cha House of Tea has recently become one of my favorite spots on all of the bricks (aka Pearl Street Mall). The variety of tea offered is amazing and the best, in my opinion, is the white rose tea with honey. Try and grab a spot by the fountain or sit at one of their “communi-tea” tables in the back of the tea house. The ceiling is glass with the sun shining through and bamboo plants are on every table. There is no wifi at the tea house so it is the perfect place to disconnect and get some work done.   

Another great escape are the benches on the 1100 block. This is the perfect spot when I need to get some reading done.  Here you can also access the Pearl Street Mall free wifi (#Pearl) anytime of the day. I love to glance at the people walking by while enjoying the sunshine. When I want to take a quick break, I pop in to Savvy On Pearl to say “hi” to my old coworkers. Reading on the benches is a peaceful escape and allows me to forget I have a huge test the next day.

Wish me luck! Now, I’m off to study…



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