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Terri's Favorite Things

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Post Date: Monday, November 23, 2020

Hello Readers, 

It’s Terri...Downtown Boulder’s VP of Marketing.  It’s my pleasure to present my version of Oprah’s Favorite Things.  Now, don’t get too excited...I’m no Oprah!  But, I’ll do my best to inspire you - because, we can all use a little inspiration right now!  This year’s theme as we enter the holiday season is similar to years prior BUT so much more important right now….local, local, local. Live it. Shop it. Eat it. Our local retailers and restaurateurs need our support more than ever.  When shopping this holiday season, stay local every chance you get.  Now in no particular order, here’s a few of my favorite things….

When’s the last time you sent someone an actual card?  I’m talking snail mailed a card?  If it’s been a while, brighten someone’s day by sending them a card for any occasion or no particular reason at all.  Never underestimate the smile it will bring to someone’s face!  My go to for cards is Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery.  They carry a line of cards from Curly Girl Designs.  My personal motto from this line of whimsical, cute and inspirational designs, “Given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.”  (True statement...although I’d add that a cute pair of heels from my friends at Two Sole Sisters wouldn’t hurt to add to the mix as well!)

Art Mart also carries the Curly Girl Designs line AND they also have an amazing room filled with….SOCKS!  Funny socks, fuzzy socks and my personal favorite, sea otter socks! 

Speaking of sea otters, I’ve found my fair share of the fuzzy creatures on a variety of products from Bliss.  If you’ve never been to this East End shop, stop by soon.  It’s purely ….well... blissful to say the least.  Hidden trinkets and treasures of all sorts can be found everywhere you turn!

These days, putting on a good pair of fitted jeans is like dressing for the Oscars.  Never underestimate the power of working from home with actual pants on!  Check out Weekends for a great selection of brands.  I tend to stick with a classic pair from Citizens of Humanity. 

Masks have become a fashion statement this year.  I’ve found the prettiest assortment from Johnny Was at Barbara and Company.  If you are going to have to cover up, you might as well do so with style! 

On the top of my holiday gift giving list for all of my friends who like the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood, is the new book, This Was Hollywood by Carla Valderrama.   If you don’t follow Carla’s IG account by the same name, you should!  The Boulder Book Store is your go to for new releases, classics and more. 

At this point, I’m realizing that my post could get rather lengthy so I’m going to just point out a few more things to round out my list:

I could keep going, and going and going.  But, I want you to go and go and go!  So, I hope this list of a few of my favorite things provided some inspiration and guidance. (Ok one more tip, our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is also a great resource.) Don't forget that behind these businesses and products that I’ve listed are amazing business owners.  They are our friends and neighbors.  They need our support now more than ever before.  Looking for other ways to help out?   Follow small business on social media and interact with them / share their stories.  Buy gift cards (NOW). 

I am proud to work closely with these amazing people. Don't forget that in our district, small businesses make up more than 80% of our community!  Let’s show them some love today to ensure they are here tomorrow!  Happy Holidays from Oprah and me! 

- DBP Terri

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