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How to Help

Resources for those looking to help and support our neighboring communities

  • Boulder County, in cooperation with many local and state agencies, has launched an online individual donations platform for the public to continue the generous outpouring of support for residents and businesses affected by the Marshall Fires and High Winds disaster. The platform called DART is meant to serve as a focal point for organizations and the public to connect effectively and directly to assist people who continue to be affected by displacement and damage from the fires.This portal is for members of the public offering donations of goods and services. Once a donor registration is complete, the donor may input descriptions and quantities of individual donations. These will be seen and ‘claimed’ by vetted organizations who are given access through the newly-created Marshall Fires Long-Term Recovery Group (LTRG) and collaborating partners.Currently, only offers of donated goods and services are active on the DART platform. In the coming weeks, organizations will be added so they may ‘claim’ donations on behalf of residents and businesses in their case management portfolios. Other organizations acting in auxiliary roles may request access later in February.