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Downtown Boulder Employees,
How do you commute to work? Find out your Commuter Score!



Register your commute and receive a personalized dashboard of current (and future) mobility offerings customized just for you. Help the City of Boulder create new mobility offerings and subsidies to directly improve the time, cost and carbon output of your commute. 


In 2016, the City of Boulder Community Vitality Department partnered with Commutifi, Lyft, Uber, Rocky Mountain Institute and the Downtown Boulder Partnership to pilot Door to Downtown (D2D), a subsidized mobility program for downtown visitors. This program has been extended into a second phase, Door to Downtown 2 (D2D2) with the goal to gain greater visibility into the decisions employees choose when commuting to work. The anonymized data will then be considered when designing future mobility programs for downtown Boulder employees with an emphasis on saving employees commuting time and money while alleviating carbon emissions and high parking demand. Registered commuters will receive a personalized dashboard with custom commuting options and a menu of current mobility solutions.

Information collected will be used to create a Commuter Score and Commutifi dashboard with customized mobility options and new mobility programs. All  information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with outside parties.  Learn more about the privacy policy here.