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Fundamentals of Cooking After-School Series

Categories: Food, Dining, Wine Kid Friendly & Family

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Join us for our Fundamentals class- perfect for younger kids or those new to the kitchen. In this series, we'll explore a wide range of basics, getting your kiddo more confident in the kitchen and developing a base of knowledge than can be applied to all future recipes.
Ages 6-13! (If you have a 5 year old who is in kindergarten who would like to join, they are welcome as long as they have completed some school)

Week 1: Dips
Goddess Dressing

Week 2: Fresh Pasta
Fresh Pasta
Marinara Sauce

Week 3: Fresh Tortillas + Quesadillas
Flour Tortillas
Smashed Beans

Week 4: Fresh Spring Rolls + Egg Rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Vegetable Egg Rolls

Week 5: Pizza Party!
Tomato Sauce

Week 6: Salads
Panzanella Salad
Moroccan Carrot Salad

Week 7: Pie!
Pie Dough
Mini Apple Pies

Week 8: Friends + Family Showcase
Each kid may invite 2 guests to their friends and family showcase, where the kids and our chef will create some of the recipes they've learned this series for their friends and family to try!

Vegetarian or dairy free options are available upon request. Gluten free options are not available for this class.