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Future of Days: NYE 2020

Categories: Arts & Entertainment Food, Dining, Wine Live Music

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Welcome, to the FUTURE OF DAYS, a Culmination of Time: Past, Present, Future....
An intentional New Year's Party Experience:

Cross the threshold into a new Decade immersed in sonic bliss, surrounded by Oracles of the Cryptex of Time, and cocreate a Scrying Lens through the quantum gravitational confluence of our shared Intent, to see Clearly into the Future we are cultivating and forging together.

Dance on the pristinely clear waves of the best sound system on Earth, a next-gen Funktion One Sound System by Awaken the Night, and experience the musical mastery and mystery of magician musicians and synergetic selectors. Your guides for the evening include:


a One-Woman Orchestra of Music + Tech + Art with Nordic/Icelandic influences on Breakbeat & Bass

Admiral Adam Apollo

MC & DJ setting Sail into 2020 with a Special Midnight Middle Eastern Trap & World Bass Set

Elijah Ray

Genre-breaking heart-awakening music with spiritual, sexy, sweaty, gritty, and ecstatic Soul.

Mackenzie Page

Luscious Acoustic Heartstrings strummed across an Eclectic Cultural Folk Groove

Enter a world of realms curated by Stephinity Beyond & Per Neter, including the Le Petit Akash Bibliotheque, an antiquated lounge with books, clocks, curiosities, and more. A Manifestation Station and Time Travel Inner Alter provide more areas for enjoyment, along with Sean Allen's Geoforms and much more. Cacao Service will be provided and included with your ticket, by Howl at the Moon. Divination will be provided by Shaella Noella, along with Medical Astrology by Barbara Javors for those ready to dive deep into the secrets held by 2020 and beyond... Live Painters will include Adrianne Tamar Arachne &

Make sure to get settled in before the Midnight ceremony hosted by Luna Leona & Adam Apollo for a brief future vision ceremony, champagne toast and bass drop, as we launch into the fullest expression of ourselves and the magic we can embody in the Ages ahead... Your toast is included in your ticket, along with tea, desserts, cacao elixirs, and more!

The Riverside venue in Boulder has a locally-sourced cafe for food, as well as a bar with wine, beer, liquors, cocktails, mocktails, kombucha, and other lovely libations.


Special Features Include:

La Petite Akash Bibliothèque - An antiquated lounge with curiosities

Manifestation Station & Time Travel Inner Alter

Funktion One Sound System by Awaken the Night

Shaella Noella - Essence Divinations

Barbara Javors - Medical Astrology

Adrianne Tamar Arachne - LIve Painting & Foretellings

Noble Arts Project - Live Painting

Cacao Service brought to you by Howl at the Moon Gathering

Luna Leona hosts Midnight Champagne Toast Celebration & Bass Drop with Adam Apollo

Sultry Performance Artists and more TBA

Staff Support by OneCorps

Full Tea Bar, Midnight Champagne Toast & Dessert Bar, Cacao Elixers and Late-Night Bucha Complimentary with ticket purchase.

Cocktails, Mocktails & Dining available for purchase.

Decor provided by Stephinity Beyond & Per Neter Alchemy, as well as IRL Art and Sean Allen Geoforms.


Ticket Investment:
$64 per person
$77 at door