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Speaker Series: Levi Younger + Hillary Allen

Category: Sports & Fitness

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Don't miss our September Speaker Series event Thursday, September 19th at 6pm. We will have Levi Younger from Levity Rolfing out with professional mountain runner, Hillary Allen!

Levi works with a number of runners who deal with acute and chronic injuries, focusing on not just healing the body but the mind (psychological + social) as well. Research continues to show how interconnected the mind and body are, and he will discuss strategies for tapping into that connection for recovery and rehab.

Hilary has experienced more than her share of injuries in her years running and racing - from her traumatic fall off a mountain during the Tromsø SkyRace two years ago that resulted in many broken bones and lacerations, to her most recent ankle break earlier this year. This has given her unique insight into the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that come with injuries, both as a runner and a neuroscientist.

We will start the night with snacks, beverages, and mingling. Levi and Hillary will then share about mental health and the mind-body connection in the injury rehab/healing process. Q 'n A to follow - you do not want to miss this one!