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Request for Submissions to [placeholder] 

Please share your ideas for how you would like to see our downtown activated during [placeholder]. Projects focused on community building are eligible for funding (information requested in the application linked below). 

Applications for festival project ideas are being accepted on a rolling basis with a final deadline of September 1, 2023*. We will begin reviewing completed applications after the following deadlines: July 5, August 1, and September 1. 

*If you are requesting funding for your project, early application submissions have a greater chance of receiving funding. 

Do you have an idea that will bring the community together
around space in our downtown during [placeholder]?

Application for Community Project


Do you have an idea to promote your business during [placeholder]?

Projects designed to promote/market a business may also join [placeholder]. Commercial project space is limited and requires a $500 fee to participate in the festival. A discounted commercial project fee of $250 is available for current business members of the Downtown Boulder Partnership. (Interested in Joining DBP? Please click HERE.)

Application for Commercial Project

Submission/Funding Criteria

Each activation, prototype or physical conception of creative ideas, must align with specific criteria to be considered for selection. Successful concepts will include most or all of the following:


  • Concept draws in and engages an audience.
  • Concept creates a new experience for downtown Boulder visitors.


  • Concept invites diverse social engagement.
  • Concept transcends boundaries of gender, age, race, income and physical ability.
  • Concept enhances the character of the neighborhoods in and around downtown.


  • Concept uses repurposed or reusable materials.
  • Concept is attractive and provocative.
  • Concept is durable to withstand heavy use and weather conditions.

Bonus points for concepts that also support the goals articulated in the Downtown Boulder Vision Plan

We are especially excited about implementing concepts that link to the downtown vision plan in the following ways:

  1. Position Pearl Street Mall for 50 more years of success
  2. Facilitate discovery, activation & opportunities off of Pearl Street
  3. Embrace the Creek Corridor as a part of downtown
  4. Connect to nearby neighborhoods & districts
  5. Tie it all together with safe, comfortable & interesting infrastructure
  6. Tell the story & increase understanding

Scoring Rubric         Map of Location Ideas 


Along with the character of each concept, there are physical guidelines that the concept must accommodate including size, power usage and materials.


  • Can be accessed by people with disabilities.

Power Usage

  • Power needs – 110/120V // maximum 1500 watts
  • Noise level – below 50 dBA at a distance of 10′ from sound source

For safety reasons the following will NOT be permitted:

  • No flame or fire
  • Placement cannot obstruct:
    • Access to public transportation
    • Fire hydrants
    • Emergency zones
    • Public utilities
    • Disabled persons and pedestrian through zones

Selection Process

A panel of community stakeholders will review submissions received by each of our three deadlines: July 5, August 1, and September 1.

Ideas are selected based on their creativity, sense of community, ability to meet the entry criteria, as well as their potential to make downtown Boulder a more vibrant public space and uniquely Boulder. A total of 20-30 finalists will be notified and invited to showcase their idea at [placeholder].

Contact Us

Due dates, timeline, entry criteria and scope of project are all detailed above.

If you have questions that are not answered in this request for submissions, please reach out to