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Inspiration for [placeholder]

A number of communities have created events similar to [placeholder] fest. Please see the list below for inspiration and ideas about how to activate shared spaces from these other communities. Some of the examples of inspiration below deal with “prototyping” public space, which involves exploring ideas for unique and new ways to use shared spaces.

The City of San Francisco partnered with the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to create a festival that invited the community to share their ideas about how to use the public and shared space on Market Street to make it more engaging and exciting.

Using games and play as a way to engage with and connect people in public spaces.

Prototyping Fest in Denver.

Nonprofit cultural incubator organization that works with and empowers “a diverse community of creative practitioners with the agency to create meaningful social impact through category-defying work.”

Event that reimagined a parking structure as a public roller skating rink.

Pinterest board with ideas of different ways to creatively activate public spaces.

Article with examples of digital placemaking concepts from all over the world.

Project in Denver that involves temporary closures of streets to automobiles and opens the route for pedestrians, cyclists and community building activations along the route.

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