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Downtown Boulder elects Advisory Committee Members

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The Downtown Boulder Partnership’s nonprofit branch initiates an advisory group charged with fostering community engagement and inclusivity

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[Boulder, Colorado.  January 15, 2021] The Downtown Boulder Foundation (DBF), a 501(C)3,  has assembled a cohort of community members who will collectively advise and collaborate on programs and policies that support and enhance stronger connections to, participation in, and pride for downtown Boulder among residents. The 11-member Community Advisory Board will serve a one-year term, beginning in January of 2021. 

"I am incredibly grateful for the community interest in this initiative.  Our inaugural cohort represents a diverse cross-section of our community,” said Bob Yates, Downtown Boulder Foundation Board Chair. “I am confident that they will bring creative and innovative suggestions on ways to make our wonderful downtown even more accessible and inviting.”

Downtown plays many significant roles in a collective approach to equity in Boulder. The approach must begin with inclusive representation and participation. There are many steps that the Downtown Boulder Foundation and its constituents must take to understand and remove barriers that prevent meaningful participation in the planning of, programming, and benefiting from activities that take place downtown. DBF defines equity as the fair treatment, opportunity, and advancement of all people, while eliminating barriers that prevent the full participation of marginalized groups whether based on race, age, sexual orientation, economic status or otherwise.

Downtown Boulder Foundation partnered with Equity Consultants of Colorado (ECC), to recruit a diverse and inclusive selection of candidates who together represent many voices in the community. “This is a big and important initiative for downtown Boulder,” says ECC’s founder and CEO Aaron Clark. “If you’re not thinking inclusively, you are going to leave out a potential customer, exclude a potential employee, or a potential community leader.”

The advisory board’s inaugural members are Scott Beard, Dawn Bookhardt-Bowen, Ingrid Castro-Campos, Amirah Counts, Soledad Diaz, Jocelyn Diles, Joseph Jimenez, Angie Jeffords, Jennifer Livovich, Ben O’Meara and Bridger Tomlin.

More information about the Community Advisory Board can be found at


About the Downtown Boulder Foundation

The Downtown Boulder Foundation (DBF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created in 2017 to support the civic and cultural strength of downtown Boulder. DBF's mission is to produce and support diverse and impactful experiences fostering community engagement. The foundation provides funding and assistance facilitating public art, historic preservation projects, and community events.  Staff and volunteers produce over two dozen annual events focused on arts, culture, family entertainment, and supporting local businesses.  In addition, the foundation supports other community events that enhance downtown including the Boulder International Film Festival, University of Colorado Pearl Street Stampedes, and the Adventure Film Festival.

Media Contact: Terri Takata-Smith,VP of Marketing & Communications, 303-449-3774
Community Advisory Board / DBF Contacts: Chip, CEO  and Anna Salim, VP of Events and Membership, 303-449-3774