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Outdoor Activities

Whether it is hiking, biking, jogging or kayaking, there is something in downtown Boulder (or close by) for the outdoor lover in all of us. Take a 1,300-foot climb above the city to Flagstaff Mountain at 7,000 feet; try the gentler The Peoples' Crossing west of Pearl Street; or check out some of the other recommendations below.

Beautiful Boulder Creek and the Boulder Creek Path run right along downtown Boulder on Canyon Boulevard.  The creek path is a 5.5 mile stretch of trail passing through downtown and provides fun that both children and adults can enjoy - whether it be a casual stroll between 8th and 21st streets or a bike ride following the creek’s lush bank.  Boulder Creek isn’t all about jogging, running, or biking either, along the path people of all ages enjoy picnicking, fishing, tubing, or just simply taking a dip in the freshwater. With all of these activities, it comes as no surprise that Boulder was rated the #1 Most Bike Friendly City by Outside Magazine.

Overlooking our downtown, Chautauqua trailhead and park is the gateway to the Flatirons. This place is a favorite among locals for hiking, picnicking, biking, rock climbing, and more! Chautauqua is conveniently located just a mile and a half from downtown Boulder, at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills. Chautauqua offers breathtaking scenic views, a dining hall, a concert hall and cabins and trails galore. During the beautiful summer months Chautauqua hosts the Colorado Music Festival. Here, people of all ages can take in the beautiful scenery while enjoying chamber and music ensembles from talents across the globe. So whether you’re an outdoorsy person or a music enthusiast Chautauqua has it all!  Rent a bike at University Bikes or B-Cycle to have your own Chautauqua adventure.

Boulder has a lot of “outdoor playgrounds” on the outskirts of downtown such as Eldorado and Boulder Canyon. listed Eldorado Canyon as one of the 10 State Parks you can’t miss. Here you can hike, fish, bike, cross-country ski, climb, hunt, ride horses and picnic. Eldorado Canyon is one of the top climbing destinations in the world with over 500 technical rock climbing routes. Boulder Canyon also offers world class climbing as well as fishing and the Boulder Creek. This 70 foot drop into Middle Boulder Creek is a true spectacle. Just minutes west of Boulder, Boulder Canyon provides a nice haven from the heat during the height of summer.

Another famous Colorado attraction, Rocky Mountain National Park, is just 40 miles from Boulder (approximately a one hour drive). Simply take US-36 West (called 28th Street in Boulder) through Estes Park into Rocky Mountain National Park to view some of the most spectacular peaks in North America.

Other outdoor, downtown events include the Downtown Boulder Race Series which includes the iconic Pearl Street Mile and the Hanuman Festival. It goes without saying that one of the biggest events that happen yearly near/around downtown is the BolderBOULDER. Participate or cheer  - whatever you prefer – and enjoy the outdoors in our gorgeous town!

Visit Downtown Boulder and let us be your jumping off point for over 300 miles of biking trails, 45,000 acres of open space, and over 300 days of sunshine!

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