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Walking Mural Tour

Whether you are visiting Boulder for the first time or have been here your entire life, we promise there are hidden treasures you haven’t seen before. Take this walking tour of all the major murals around downtown Boulder to discover something new, unlock artistic inspiration and get your steps in!

The interactive Google Map includes three different walking tours for you to follow at your convenience, or be creative and forge your own path!

The tour on the East End has a high density of beautiful murals. The West End tour starts at the top of a parking garage and offers stunning views of the Flatirons and a pleasant walk down Pearl Street. For those who want to see it all in one day, the full mural tour will take you on a loop downtown starting with the Infinite Walk of Peace along the Boulder Creek.

Happy adventuring!

Mural & Walking Tour Map

Once you open the Google Map, you will see three different colored points. Red indicates starting points for the tours, brown are points with historic paint from old businesses and blue points include all the murals. To see a photo of a specific mural on the map, simply click on the point.

You will see four tour options - Full Tour Part 1, Full Tour Part 2, East End Tour and West End Tour. Choose whichever path you would like, and follow the directions for a beauty-filled adventure!

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Not included in the mural tour is the Boulder Alley Gallery. Carve out some more time to explore stunning paintings tucked in the alleys throughout downtown!

Boulder Alley gallery