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headshot of Abby Keefe

Sometimes children grow up knowing exactly what they want to be when they become adults. That was the case for Abby Keefe, who knew from a young age that she was passionate about hair and beauty. “Hair styling runs in my blood - my aunt and cousins were all hair stylists,” said Abby. “Growing up in Longmont, I would travel to Kansas to visit them every summer and I would go to work with my aunt. At her salon, I would sweep up hair, clean perm rods and make coffee for the ladies. I knew right away that my dream was to go to beauty school.”

As Abby matured, her dream came true. After moving to Texas with her family, she enrolled in a beauty program and got to work. “After taking classes all day, I worked in a little salon suite to earn my shampoo technician license. When I graduated, I moved back to Colorado in 2011 and continued pursuing my passion by working at the St Julien Hotel & Spa. I realized there was a huge demand in Boulder for wedding hair stylists. I saw that a special market existed for a bridal hair business, and in 2018 I opened the doors to my very own salon - Shear Abby.”

While Abby specializes in wedding hair and makeup, she also offers colors and cuts to regular clientele. “I still have a huge passion for more standard hair services. I love building relationships with my clients and seeing them every 4 - 6 weeks - the people are the best part of my job. And when it comes to bridal hair, it’s such an honor to be part of one of the most special days of someone’s life. As a recent bride myself, I understand the pressures of the day. If I can be a source of lightness and ease for my bridal parties, that is huge.”

When Abby moved into her space on Pearl Street, she knew she wanted to keep her salon more intimate and personal. “I never wanted to have a huge salon with tons of other stylists running around. It’s important to me to have my space remain calming. For my business, Boulder is the perfect spot. It’s become such a hub for destination weddings, and I’ve been fortunate to build up my reputation as a specialist in that area. The downtown area specifically is super unique with lots of charm, and it attracts residents from both the Boulder and Denver areas.”

To support Abby’s salon, provide a referral if you have a good experience. “Word of mouth is so essential in the hair business. Plus, if you refer clients to me I offer fun rewards and discounts. And be sure to follow me on social media (@shearabby) for insider looks at styles, products and the latest news.”

Abby has the unique experience of knowing from a young age exactly what she wanted to do in her professional life and chasing that dream. “For the past 18 years, I have been fortunate enough to follow my passion and work in beauty. Making other people feel stunning on their most important days is truly the greatest feeling.” If you or someone you know is looking for bridal hair or just in need of a trim, reach out to Abby and schedule an appointment!  

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Why Downtown?

The downtown area specifically is super unique with lots of charm, and it attracts residents from both the Boulder and Denver areas.

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