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Two Hands Paperie

Mia in her shop

Back in 1993, Two Hands Paperie began as a tiny shop behind Lolita’s Market, carrying only a few hand-bound books and some decorative stationery paper. Diana Phillips, the bookbinder who opened the store, made everything with her own two hands. As the store grew in popularity, she quickly realized she could expand her offerings. So she began selling papers and pens and stationery from all over the world, and she moved into a larger storefront on the West End.

A few years later, Mia Semingson moved from California to Colorado for graduate school. Attending CU Boulder for photography, Mia needed to take a screen printing course. Her professor instructed the class to visit Two Hands Paperie - and Mia was hooked. She apprenticed with Diana as a bookbinder and went on to teach photography and book arts at CU for 12 years. 

In 2010, Diana decided to close the store. But one day Mia walked in, and she walked out the co-owner of the shop with her husband, Gerald Trainor. “It’s been such an exciting journey,” said Mia. “We have grown so much as a store. We sell stationary in the traditional sense like pens, paper and different writing instruments. However, we are also a more general gifts and art supply store. Additionally, we offer an array of online and in-person classes from bookbinding to visual journaling to hand lettering.”

Two Hands Paperie has gained a dedicated following of locals. “Since the West End is a little off the beaten path, the majority of our customers are locals. We do have visitors who tell us they come to our store every time they are in Boulder, which is such an honor. The West End is an incredible community of businesses, it’s beautiful and as an added bonus, it’s easy to park. We are glad that our roots here are so deep.”

To best support Mia and Gerald, spread the word about Two Hands Paperie. “Come in and say hello! Tell your friends and family about us. Our hope is that you appreciate the store as much as we do.” Take time to explore their 30 racks of decorative papers, beautiful journals and notebooks, as well as lovely stationery and an array of creative supplies. 

Follow Two Hands Paperie on social media (@twohandspaperie) for updates on the latest workshops and products, and stop by to see what you can create with your own two hands. 

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Mia and Gerald


Two Hands Paperie



Why Downtown?

The West End is an incredible community of businesses, it’s beautiful and as an added bonus, it’s easy to park.

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