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Community Advisory Board

The Downtown Boulder Foundation (DBF) seeks to engage a cohort of community members to collectively advise and collaborate on programs and policies that support and enhance stronger connections to, participation in, and pride for Downtown Boulder among local Boulder area residents.  In order to most effectively and broadly understand and serve the changing needs of Boulder residents and those of our surrounding communities, the DBF is soliciting community members to serve on a facilitated community advisory board. The focus of the advisory board will be that of community engagement. Applications for participation will be accepted now through November 6, 2020 at 5pm.  

The Community Advisory Board is an integral link between the Downtown Boulder Foundation and our communities. The work of the Community Advisory Board builds and fosters partnerships, strengthens connections and enhances engagement in Downtown Boulder.

Downtown plays many significant roles in our collective approach to equity in Boulder. Our approach must begin with inclusive representation and participation. There are many steps that the DBF and the constituents which it represents must take to understand and remove barriers that prevent meaningful participation in the planning of, programming and benefiting from the activities of the DBF.

We define equity as the fair treatment, opportunity, and advancement of all people, while eliminating barriers that prevent the full participation of marginalized groups.

Working with Equity Consultants of Colorado, the DBF is striving to create a diverse and inclusive selection of candidates which represent the voice of the community. Our selection process will aim to select members from various people groups that are often left out of decisions that impact underrepresented communities. A final recommendation will be submitted to the Downtown Boulder Foundation Board of Directors for approval at the November 2020 Board meeting. For this cohort, we are looking for creative thinkers with connections to diverse communities in the Boulder area.

CAB members will be appointed for one year term for the year of 2021, with time commitment expected to be around 4 to 8 hours each month for the duration of the program. CAB members will receive a stipend as compensation for their time and expertise.

Questions?  See the Learn More button for a thorough overview of the program or contact us.

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