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Meet our Ambassador Team

Thank you to all of these amazing individuals who work so hard to keep our downtown clean, safe and friendly!  The Downtown Boulder Ambassador Team is a join partnership between the Downtown Boulder Partnership and the City of Boulder.  Services are provided and managed through Block By Block

Brandon Lowe
Ambassador - Director of Operations
Brandon Lowe started his Block-By-Block career as a Clean Team Ambassador in his hometown of Lancaster, PA over 5 years ago. As a welder and skilled laborer, he loves using his hands to make a difference but, as a husband and father, the drive to invest and make a difference in his community runs deep. Brandon feels it is a privilege to continue his work with Block By Block now as the Operations Manager of the Downtown Boulder Partnership Ambassador Program.
Mario Chavez
Downtown Boulder Ambassador I Team Lead
Mario joined the Ambassador Program as a Team Lead in March of 2022. In his spare time you can find him at one of the many world class crags nearby, hiking the Flatirons, or playing a game of disc golf with friends. The combination of complex problem solving and his passion for helping others make being a Downtown Ambassador very rewarding for him. He hopes to further his career and continue learning the many different aspects of maintaining a safe and hospitable downtown ecosystem.
James Mayfield
Downtown Boulder Ambassador I Team Lead
James has been a member of the Boulder community since moving here from South Park in 2008. He has worked on Pearl as a doorman at various bars for over a decade, made countless friends and acquaintances, and even met his wife here in Boulder. Before settling into the family lifestyle, he was an avid traceur and martial artist; spending much of his time leaping off of Boulder's historic architecture or having good-natured fights with other bouncers. He is also an accomplished cook, personal trainer, relentless jokester and unreprentant nerd. He has worked with the Downtown Ambassadors as a Team Lead since the beginning of 2021.
Lexi Treadyway
Downtown Boulder Ambassador I Team Lead
I love being an ambassador because I get to meet so many different people from different places and get to help them!
Bob Borchardt
Downtown Boulder Ambassador
When thinking about my favorite part of being a Boulder Ambassador, I can't help but think about the people I have the privilege of working with. I've never had a job that I continuously and so enthusiastically look forward to going to each day. The thing I love the most about Downtown Boulder would be its old-town main street feel. Despite so many people visiting from all over the globe, there is a definitive sense of community amongst the people that live and or work in the downtown area which is what makes it feel so much like home to me.
Nick Davidson
Downtown Boulder Ambassador
I love the team I work with, and the feeling I get from helping others. What I love most about working downtown is helping with the events we put on for the community, and seeing the impact is has on the visitors and locals!
Stefpany Dimas
Downtown Boulder Ambassador
What I love about being an ambassador is the people. Meeting new people everyday and assisting with whatever they need help with, or being everyone's eyes, making sure people are okay and our environment continues to be clean and safe.
Ronnie Tobias
Downtown Boulder Ambassador
What I love about being an ambassador is being able to serve visitors and residents in what I consider the best city I've ever been blessed to be in.
BJ Zuromski
Downtown Boulder Ambassador
I love interacting with all the tourists from around the world as well as keeping Boulder a safe and clean city to visit. It's such a special place to work, and I'm honored to help keep the area thriving.