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Maintenance Ambassadors

Downtown Boulder's Maintenance Ambassadors provide enhanced services to complement those provided by the City of Boulder. Services include: trash collection, graffiti removal, sidewalk power-washing and reporting of structural issues.

  • The team circulates throughout the district daily with supplies and tools to take care of the following tasks:
  • Removing litter, cups, containers, cigarette butts and other debris on sidewalks, street gutters and alleys.
  • Remove graffiti and stickers from light posts, trash cans, news boxes and other public     infrastructure.
  • Pull isolated weeds from tree wells and cracks in the sidewalks.
  • Damp wipe and straighten up horizontal surfaces, such as trash can lids, news boxes and other infrastructure.
  • Clean and sanitize popular touch points like light poles, water fountains and benches.

Maintenance Ambassadors provide written reports of broken infrastructure, graffiti on private property and log all daily engagements in a mobile data-tracking app. 

Additionally, these Ambassadors assist DBCI with setup and removal of featured community events.