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Safety Ambassadors

Downtown Boulder's Safety Ambassadors monitor the downtown district and Civic Area on foot and bike (thanks to a partnership with Boulder B-Cycle) helping to address quality of life issues, as well as acting as a deterrent to unfavorable behavior and activities, responding to incidents called in by businesses and visitors and providing information and directions to all who request assistance.

The Safety Ambassadors have successfully served as as a deterrent by canvasing the streets, sidewalks and alleys to deter unfavorable activity through uniformed visible presence. The team is watchful for unfavorable behaviors or criminal activity and report to the Boulder Police Department via established communication methods.

The Ambassadors are responsible for interacting with persons experiencing poor quality of life issues, advising them of local ordinances and requesting compliance - in addition to providing information on resources and support organizations. Ambassadors are trained in 'situational protocol' to appropriately handle situations in a firm, yet respectful and kind, manner.

The Safety team provides courteous reminders to visitors in violation of pet, smoking, skateboarding and cycling violations and also communicates with street performers to ensure regulation compliance in relation to amplification of sound and other related items.  

Similar to the Hospitality and Maintenance Ambassadors, Safety Ambassadors actively acknowledge pedestrians with a friendly greeting or gladly assist visitors to provide directions, information, or recommendations.

 If you need to reach a downtown ambassador via phone or text, please reach out to 720-498-9601.