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4 Best Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

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Summer is in full swing in Boulder, which means an abundance of sun and a few scorching hot days along the way. Luckily, downtown Boulder has plenty of ways to cool off when it feels like you are melting outside! 

  1. Beautiful Boulder Creek is the perfect place to beat the heat this summer! Whenever there's a day where it's just as hot to be in my non-air-conditioned house as outside, my friends and I head to the Creek. The water is always cold and some days, just putting your feet in is enough to cool off your entire body. I love going to the Creek to sit in the relaxing water and take in all the wildlife and mountains surrounding it. The water is not that deep and is a great place to take the entire family to get out of the heat and into nature! 
  2. If you have young kids, the Pop Jet Fountain is a must-stop when it is hot. Located on the Pearl Street Mall’s 1300 block, the popular fountain briefly shoots up water while kids run through it and splash around. (Or if your kid was like me when I was little, they'll put their foot over one of the jets to see how long they can keep the water down.) Either way, whatever your kid decides to do, they will have a blast playing with the water. An added bonus of The Pop Jet Fountain is that it happens to be next to Ruthie's Boardwalk Social, which offers rich soft-serve ice cream that every kid is looking for on a hot day! 
  3.  If water isn't your thing, try cooling off with some delicious gelato from Gelato Boy. I'm a giant ice cream person and can tell you that gelato is even ten times better! Gelato Boy has two locations on Pearl Street - one on the 1400 block of the pedestrian mall and the other on the West End and they both have a variety of incredible flavors. Gelato Boy takes care of my chocolate addiction with their chocolate fudge brownie gelato. Still, I would recommend their gooey butter cake caramel flavor and mint chip if you want something different. 
  4. Sunshine Shaved Ice on Pearl Street is another tasty way to stay cool. A few weeks ago I was walking on Pearl on a really hot day with some friends and we stopped at the for a snowcone. My buddies and I all got the classic cherry and blue raspberry combination that totally hit the spot. For kids, I would recommend getting a medium or a small size because I ordered a large snow cone and it was way too big. Make sure to stop by because snow cones are a great summertime treat. 

Stay cool out there, 

Jacob S. 

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