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5 Things to Explore in Downtown This Fall

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Post Date: Thursday, September 30, 2021

Hi Downtown Readers!

Fall seems to pass fast here in Boulder, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take your time to enjoy what downtown has to offer! Today, I have 5 recommendations for food and events for you to enjoy throughout October and November. 

#1: Check out the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. I recommend checking out Trevor Seymor’s Interpretations exhibit out at the Macky Auditorium that is on CU Boulder's campus. He explores with different mediums to let the viewer create their own meaning and interpretation in his work. The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art has other exhibits all year long that are either in person, virtual or both, and are worth checking out! You may be wondering why I’m mentioning them, well, it’s because they have free admission on Saturdays ALL YEAR LONG! Who can say no to viewing art for free? Not me!

#2: Indulge in the Stampedes. They’re a great way to connect with the community! Students (from in-state and out-of-state) and families come together to celebrate CU Boulder home football games with the “Golden Buffalo” marching band, the cheer team and the football team. It’s a great event for a night out and celebrating with the town. Join in on the fun before the last one  on November 19th! GO BUFFS!

#3: Catch the Boulder Farmers Market before the end of the season. It’s held twice a week on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings/afternoons. They have an assortment of local vendors who sell what they grow! Shop a variety of products from fruit and veggies to meat and even tool/kitchen knife sharpening! The last Wednesday market  is on October 6th and the last Saturday market is on November 20th. Get your market shopping in and support local farmers!

#4: Participate in the Munchkin Masquerade on October 31st. This event is held for children of all ages (best for children under 10) and their families to parade along downtown in their costumes. Participating businesses provide all of their own treats and everyone should be sure to thank them. Make sure to check out the website for a list of participating businesses. Since it is held on a Sunday, City of Boulder parking garages are FREE downtown! Make sure to also check out the event calendar for other fall/autumn related events happening this season.

#5: Spend a morning, afternoon or night relaxing and enjoying some food and drinks downtown! Some highlights for those “fall vibes” are Bohemian Biergarten with their Roasted Butternut Squash and Green Apple Soup + Creme Fraiche, coffee shops along the Coffee Trail with seasonal drinks and their classics and Rosetta Hall with their Petite Peach Pies. Check out the dining listing page for more restaurants to check out!

I hope these give you all an idea of what to expect this upcoming season! What are some of your favorite foods to eat during fall? Email me at to let me know!

Until next time,


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