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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Downtown

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Howdy, downtown…

April 22 is Earth Day! To commemorate Mother Earth, let's celebrate with some of downtown’s sustainable and earth-friendly businesses. Whether it’s shopping small, consignment or simply enjoying Boulder’s beauty, let’s give our planet some extra love. 

1. Eco-friendliness is celebrated every day at Lula Faye Fiber. They feature local and international brands of cotton, wool, and other materials from around the world. I love that Lula Faye is built on inspiration from the geography, nature, and changing seasons of the Rocky Mountains. Their drive for sustainability is encouraging, as they even produce fibers from eucalyptus silk and recycled denim yarn. Be sure to check it out when you start your next craft. 

2. When shopping for your Colorado adventures, sustainability is always a consideration. Pedestrian Shops feature various sustainable and high-quality brands to get you exploring the outdoors. Pedestrian Shops is hosting its annual Earth Day Shoe Drive in-store in honor of Earth Day. From April 19th through April 30th, stop by the shop to donate your slightly used shoes that you no longer wear. In return, receive 10% off your next pair of new shoes/ 

3. The “earthiest” store downtown has to be Terracotta! Upon entering, you are immersed in a forest-like atmosphere. A perfect way to celebrate earth's greatest (and greenest) gifts is to shop locally at Terracotta. Look at DBP’s event calendar for some of their unique in-store events such as ‘building your own terrarium’  to re-discover your love for plants. 

4. Want to help clean the oceans? Head over to Zeal Optics for their “Shades for Seas”campaign, which runs monthly in April. They are partnered with Plastic Oceans to help clean plastic from coastlines around the world and are donating $1 from every purchase made this month to the organization. Support a sustainable non-profit and local business this Earth Day at Zeal! 

5. A Colorado favorite, Patagonia also supports the planet every day. Along with its mission to take environmental action, Patagonia combines the outdoors and activism by creating sustainability groups and providing opportunities to give back to the planet. Many of its products are made from recycled materials and are super high quality for fellow outdoor lovers!

I hope you can celebrate Earth Day while shopping at downtown's sustainable businesses!  Also, check out other Earth Day happenings across the city here.)

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