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A Downtown Boulder Date: Day or Night

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Post Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Cindy is DBP's Community Development and Membership Manager. When she's not working (and sometimes when she is), Cindy enjoys making art and shopping at small businesses in downtown. She has lived in Boulder for over 14 years with her husband and two kids. 

Hi, Downtown Boulder!

I get to do a lot of fun things for my job. In addition to my most favorite thing, which is visiting businesses in downtown and catching up with staff or just saying hi, I have the opportunity to get creative with the ways we interact with our businesses and the general public. For our Valentine themed Love the Local Boxes for the month of February, we came up with an idea to create a bottle of date ideas. The bottle is full of different ideas, each on a stick, that describe a creative way to spend time with someone you like to spend time with. The ideas we came up with as a staff (and input from friends) are fun, creative, and mostly low cost. The best part is they aren’t just for dates, these are activities you can do with friends or the whole family!

I have been on several dates with my husband in the 18 years we have known each other and it’s easy enough to go get dinner from one of our favorite restaurants, which is usually nice, but some of our most memorable dates involve a little more than just dinner. The most memorable times we spend together usually involve some experience, such as having dinner in a novel place (like one of the many outdoor dining pods you see in downtown these days!), or packing a meal, heading up Sanitas Trail, and finding a boulder with a view to have a picnic, or doing a cooking class together, or spending an afternoon in an arcade and gorging on pizza. Luckily, we live in Boulder where fun activities are abundant. 

Helping to create the date ideas for the bottle was an especially fun experience for me, as we are always looking for unique ways to share time together and with our 2 kids. Admittedly, some of the ideas will have to be saved until after COVID is behind us, but the majority of them can be enjoyed now. Some of my favorite ideas we came up with involve things like grocery shopping for the Boulder County AIDS Project food pantry, getting a kite from Into the Wind and flying it at Foothills or North Boulder Park, renting e-bikes from Pedego for a cruise around town, taco hopping in downtown (try tacos from places like T/Aco, Illegal Petes, bartaco, etc.), bringing carryout to Sunrise Amphitheater for a picnic, ordering a fancy coffee drink from a coffee shop and walking around downtown (all our coffee shops have fun drinks, but some of my favorite unique and delicious concoctions can be found at Astro Coffee)… There are so many more in the bottle of ideas that will certainly make it into our rotation and I’m really looking forward to exploring downtown with fresh eyes by trying something totally new and unique.

If you ordered a February Love the Local Gift Box, the bottle of date ideas is included in the box. You can also get a bottle by participating in our Love Letters promotion - write a love letter to downtown and get it for free! Find information about that here.

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